My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1909

That made her heart skip a beat. “Hi, Mr. Quarles.” She smiled and waved at him. “Is it convenient to visit your company?” Ethan suddenly opened the car door and got out. Josephine didn’t dare to bring him around in the company, so she politely said, “It is not convenient since it’s office hours now. But there is a coffee shop next door. We can go there.”

“Ok.” Ethan raised his eyebrows and got out of the car. Josephine was dressed in workwear today. She had a slim-fit suit jacket and pants on, which showcased her attractive figure.

With that, Josephine led him into the cafe and they chose a seat next to the window. Josephine then asked him what coffee he wanted. “Just give me whatever flavor you like!” Ethan said. He wasn’t being picky and chose to have her favorite drink.

She ordered two cups of regular coffee and sat down. She smiled and asked Ethan, who was sitting in front of her, “Mr. Quarles, your job seems to be flexible!”

“Yes, I can work as long as I have a laptop with me. I don’t need a fixed office location.” Ethan nodded and mentioned. Josephine knew she shouldn’t envy the flexibility that he had because he was the business owner. Only business owners had such freedom. Just then, Josephine’s phone rang and she answered it, “Hello?”

“Josephine, where are you? Come back to your seat soon. There’s still a pile of videos to be edited. I need them before the end of the day.” Katrina’s voice could be heard from the other end.

“It’s lunchtime now and I have the right to take a break,” Josephine replied. “I’m just reminding you so that you can get it done by this afternoon,” Katrina said and hung up.

Josephine sighed in frustration, and Ethan could tell from her phone call and expression that she was clearly having a tough time at work. “Are you having any difficulties at work?” Ethan asked her as he picked up his coffee mug.

Josephine lifted up the mug of coffee that was just served and took a sip. “It’s not difficulties; it’s more of a challenge. One of the female anchors in our station is stepping down, and I want to compete for her position.”

“Do you have confidence?” Ethan asked curiously. Josephine leaned closer to him and whispered, “Of course, but unfortunately, one of the competitors is the director’s sister-in-law. I’m afraid that there would be nepotism, and that I wouldn’t stand a chance at all.”

Hearing that, Ethan looked at her sympathetically and softly asked, “Do you really want to be a news anchor?” ‘I do! This is my dream.” Josephine’s eyes lit up as she spoke. “Do you need my help?” Ethan smiled.

At first, Josephine was surprised, then she thought for a moment before refusing. “No, I don’t need it. In terms of work, I still want to succeed based on my ability and credentials. It’s getting late and I have to go back to work. Mr. Quarles, do you want to stay here for a while?”

Ethan smirked as he looked at her before glancing at his watch. “I have a meeting to attend soon.” “Is that so? Then let’s end our meeting here today, and I’ll treat you to coffee next time.” Josephine smiled.

“Okay, let’s go!” Ethan said while standing up. As they walked, Josephine was being thoughtful and opened the coffee shop door for him, which made Ethan feel like a guest. He was amused but at the same time, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Josephine walked toward the company building, thinking that Ethan would return to his car, but to her surprise, he was following her. “Mr. Quarles, your car is over there,” Josephine thought he had forgotten where he had parked and kindly reminded him.

Hearing that, Ethan smiled and pointed to her company’s entrance, Tm going inside for a meeting” Josephine was stunned upon hearing that. The entire building was their company’s office area. Is he here to discuss a collaboration?

She pointed to her company building and asked, “You are coming to my company for a meeting?” “Mm-hmm!” Ethan replied in a very deep and sexy voice.

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