My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1908

“Josephine, write these press releases and hand them to me before you leave work.” A female voice rang. Following that, a few documents were thrown on Josephine’s desk, which startled her.

She looked up and saw an egoistic woman looking at her with her arms folded. It was Katrina, the director’s sister-in- law. She was one of the most arrogant people in the TV studio, and unfortunately, she disliked Josephine the most.

After Josephine accepted the task, she had no option but to start working. She skillfully read through the materials as she tapped on the laptop’s keyboard..

At this moment, the entire TV station was discussing who would take over Ain Lisette’s position as the female anchor. Of course, the station intended to promote several newcomers to train them. The first position Josephine interviewed for was the position of a female anchor, so she had never given up on this dream. She dreamt of becoming a well- known female anchor, and now, after three years of waiting, the position was finally available.

Plenty of people were eyeing the position, and Katrina was one of them. Moreover, she was the director’s sister-in-law, so she was undoubtedly the person with the highest chance to move up. However, she wasn’t a graduate of mass communication, so this could potentially stand as her obstacle.

On the other hand, Josephine was the most outstanding in terms of appearance, professionalism, and broadcasting ability. Therefore, she and Katrina had become the most likely competitors for the position.

Josephine spent the whole morning writing manuscripts and went to the company canteen with Wren for lunch in the afternoon. The two sat in an unnoticeable corner. Suddenly, someone walked over with a tray. As Josephine looked up, she saw Katrina sitting across from her while giving shooting over a hostile glare.

“Josephine, don’t even think of trying to take Ain’s position. My brother-in-law has reserved that position for me,” she said directly. That made Josephine laugh. She calmly retorted, “The company is not your home. I believe that the most suitable person should get the position.”

“You… I know you have some skills, but you’re not good enough for this position. Let me make it clear, this position will definitely be mine. Everyone else can forget about taking it, or I’ll ask my sister to sack them,” she warned. With that, Katrina picked her plate up and left.

Right after, Wren turned her head and watched her leave before turning to look at Josephine and said, “Look at how arrogant she is. She’s lucky that her sister gave birth to three chubby. sons for the director. That gave her the confidence to act so arrogantly.”

Everyone working in the TV station knew that the director’s wife wore the pants in their relationship, which was why Katrina was bold enough to make such remarks. It might be true that the director had reserved the position for her. “Joey, are you still planning to compete for the position?”

Josephine, who had been planning her career path, knew very well that if she didn’t make it this year, it would be even harder to do so in the future, so she would definitely fight for it.

“If I don’t fight for it this year, I won’t have a chance in the future. I won’t give up.” There was a glint in Josephine’s eyes. Wren knew her limitations, and she didn’t qualify in terms of her appearance and credentials. Just then, Josephine’s phone rang, and upon looking at it, she noticed that Ethan had sent her a message. ‘Are you at work?’

‘Yes’ Josephine replied. ‘Is it convenient for you to come out and see me? I’m at your company’s entrance.’ He sent another message. After reading his message, Josephine took a deep breath. He’s here? At the company’s entrance?

I’m at the company. Wait a minute, I’ll come down to see you: Josephine thought that it might be rude of her if she refused to see him when he had come all the way here to see her. Josephine had a few bites of food and then left.

At the front entrance of the Tribus TV in Averna, an eye-catching black Rolls-Royce was parked nearby which attracted the attention of passersby who were all thinking that some big shot was there to pick up a beautiful girl.

As soon as Josephine walked out of the door, she saw the car, but she wasn’t sure if it was Ethan’s. She approached it and bent down to look through the window. The next moment, the car window was rolled down, revealing a handsome man.

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