My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1906

Finally, Ethan’s car arrived at the final destination. It was a private restaurant where he originally wanted to invite her to dinner. Alas, she rejected his offer to have dinner together. By now, it was almost 9.00PM, and of course, Ethan hadn’t eaten enough because he wasn’t used to the food at the barbeque place.

Josephine, on the other hand, wasn’t full either from the dinner earlier on. Since Ethan brought her to the restaurant, she sat down and ordered. Fine dining was in a league of its own due to its beautiful plating and the expensive fresh ingredients used for the dish. Given her salary, Josephine couldn’t afford to eat this kind of food, so on that evening, she was lucky enough to enjoy a delicious dinner.

The restaurant was located at a high enough location that one could admire the beautiful scenery along the river. After Josephine had eaten enough, she stood there while admiring the scenery. After a while, she suddenly felt a hand grabbing her from behind her. The next moment, she noticed Ethan walking over, and his slender arm directly pulled her toward him while her body was against the railing.

Josephine got nervous. Why is he trying to be so intimate?We aren’t at this stage yet! She could smell the faint smell of sandalwood from his body, making her heart pound. She wasn’t sure if she was dizzy from overeating or if it was because of his presence. In any case, Josephine felt it was time to go back.

“Mr. Quarles, it’s late. I should go back.” As soon as Josephine finished speaking, she turned around and pushed his arm away before walking out of his encirclement. Noticing that Ethan smiled and picked up his car keys. “Okay, I’ll send you home.”

“It’s alright. I can easily take a cab from here, so I don’t want to trouble you.” Just as Josephine finished speaking, she picked up her bag and left the private room.

Suddenly, Ethan followed her into the elevator as he couldn’t let her take a cab home alone that late at night. When Josephine saw him follow her into the lift, she thanked him. “Thank you for treating me to dinner tonight.”

“You just treated me to a meal too, didn’t you?” he replied. Hearing that, Josephine couldn’t help but laugh as just a cup of tea at the restaurant cost as much as what he ate in a barbeque restaurant!

When they arrived at the parking lot downstairs, Josephine was about to take a cab home, but Ethan had already domineeringly grabbed her hand and taken her to his car. She was stunned for a few seconds and had no choice but to let him take her home. On the way home, Ethan turned on the music, and the atmosphere in the car was very relaxed, Unexpectedly, he could take her home without her having to give him directions.

When they reached, Josephine got out of the car and waved at him. “Drive slowly. See you.” “As you say, we will definitely see each other again.” Ethan looked deeply into her eyes and smiled.

Josephine’s face flushed slightly. Isn’t ‘see you’ just a common phrase? He was taking it too literally. “Drive slowly.” Josephine had to repeat herself. As she watched him drive away, she heaved a sigh of relief and felt relaxed.

As soon as she entered her house with her bag in her hand, she saw her mother cleaning the hallway. Noticing her, Heidi looked up at her and asked curiously, “Why are you back so late?”

Just as Josephine was about to brush it off, Heidi immediately smelled the odor on her and said, “You reek of barbeque. Change into some clean clothes and get them washed.”

Josephine’s face flushed slightly as she quickly sniffed her body and hair. Ah! She smelled of barbeque. Instantly, a question popped up in her mind. Did Ethan also smell it? Did he mind it? With that, Josephine went upstairs, took a shower, and prepared herself mentally to welcome the new day with a positive attitude, even though she didn’t want to go to work at all.

However, she couldn’t fall asleep in bed. She wasn’t reminiscing about her vacation, but rather, her mind was filled with the image of Ethan that she couldn’t shake off. When she closed her eyes, she would either imagine his kiss, his smile, or his figure.

As a result, she couldn’t fall asleep until two in the morning when she finally dozed off slowly. Just as she was about to get into a deep sleep, her alarm clock rang incessantly. Josephine. drowsily reached out and turned it off. After that, she went back to sleep again.

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