My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1905

Hearing that, Luke hastily explained, “Joey, I’m not drunk. I have a good tolerance for alcohol so you can rest assured.” “I’m not reassured,” Ethan said in a deep voice. He then took Josephine’s hand. “I’ll take you home.”

“Uh! Well…” Josephine was momentarily stunned, but Ethan had already pulled her to the passenger seat of his car. “Joey, I can take you home. I really can. Get in my car,” Luke said in a hurry.

“Luke, you should rest and sober up before driving again. Drinking and driving is no joke. I’ll let Mr. Quarles took me home first,” Josephine suggested and then got into Ethan’s car. Luke was extremely remorseful and regretted drinking that bottle of beer.

With that, Ethan also got into the car, and the black SUV drove away. Josephine saw Ethan press on the navigation system a few times with his fingers, and a clear route was mapped out. She thought this was where he was heading to.

“Mr. Quarles, please turn left up ahead.” She pointed to the road. However, Ethan ignored her and continued driving straight ahead. Josephine’s hand was awkwardly suspended in mid-air, which she withdrew sheepishly shortly after. “Mr. Quarles, you took the wrong way.”

“No, I don’t want to take you home yet.” Ethan looked at her. “Where are you taking me if you’re not taking me home?” Josephine was stunned. “For a drive, and then later, we get dinner together.” Ethan turned Luke’s arrangement into his own.

Josephine’s face turned red. She had just refused Luke, so how could she still agree to Ethan’s request? Wouldn’t it make her appear fickle?

“I have to go home to get some work done, so you should just give me a ride home,” Josephine said. Hearing that, Ethan turned his head and glanced at her before chuckling, “Do you think I can’t tell that you made the excuse up to reject him?”

Realizing that Ethan had seen right through her and even called her out for it, she was so embarrassed that her face turned red. “Mr. Quarles, are you that confident that I’d go for a ride with you?” Josephine replied sarcastically..

“Don’t you want to?” Ethan chuckled. “I don’t want to,” Josephine announced, wanting to see his reaction.

“Then I will be sad. You rejected my offer to give you a ride earlier on and even refused to have dinner with me. Now, you are again. rejecting my offer to give you a ride. You sure are hurting my feelings.” He sighed dejectedly.

“How hard could it be for you to find someone to accompany you? I believe that with just a call from you, a dozen girls will willingly turn up.” Josephine looked out the window and realized that it felt nice to sit in his car.

“I don’t need a dozen girls. I only want to invite you,” Ethan answered solemnly while looking ahead. Josephine choked upon hearing that and then laughed. “Mr. Quarles, your words might make me misunderstand.” “What misunderstanding?”

“I might misunderstand that you are pursuing me.” “Can’t you tell that I’m pursuing you?” Ethan stopped the car at a traffic light and spoke these words to her while staring at her.

Josephine was speechless when she heard that. “What do you like about me?” she asked curiously. Ethan squinted his eyes and gave her question some thought, but he couldn’t think of a reason. “I don’t know. I just like the feeling of being with you.” He laughed.

“That’s probably just a momentary feeling.” Josephine analyzed his actions and gave him a conclusion. “Doesn’t love generally start from the momentary feeling of newness?” Ethan overturned her theory. “The sense of newness will eventually wear off. There’s an expiry date to it.”

“Then is there anything on earth that lasts forever? The feeling might wear off faster for some people but for certain people, it lasts longer.” Ethan refuted her theory.

Josephine was once again at a loss for words, but she had to admit that he had a point. “Miss Josephine, are you that timid? You’re already thinking of backing out before we even start dating? He suddenly challenged her.

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