My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1903

Josephine awkwardly cleared her throat, but soon, she heard the whispering of the young female servers around her. They were praising how handsome the man who entered the barbeque restaurant was.

Sure enough, Ethan had charmed all the young waitresses in the restaurant as soon as he walked in. Meanwhile, Ethan didn’t seem uncomfortable at the attention that he was getting at all. He was then served by a relatively innocent-looking waitress. He asked her questions whenever he didn’t understand something, and his amber-like eyes made her blush and stutter the entire time.

This scene, however, was seen by Josephine, who suddenly felt uncomfortable when she saw Ethan smiling charmingly at the waitress. Josephine didn’t feel like ordering anything, so she left it to Luke to do it for her. Luke ordered all the dishes on the menu as if he was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough for Josephine to eat. In reality, he had planned to take her to an upscale steakhouse, but since she wanted barbeque, he complied.

Finally, Ethan finished ordering his food, and as soon as the waitress left, his gaze shifted toward Josephine. He gave her a charming wink and a mischievous smile. At that moment, Josephine suddenly realized how charming his smile was. As she held her teacup, she smiled back politely and decided not to look at him anymore. After all, she was here with Luke, so why was she staring at him the whole time? It didn’t seem fair to Luke.

“Joey, my grandfather is turning 60 this week, and he’s definitely invited your grandfather. Come and join us for a meal and celebration.”

“Uh, let’s see. I have a lot of work to do, and I’m resuming work tomorrow.” Josephine politely declined, not exactly interested in attending gatherings with the older generation. “I hope you can come.” Luke looked at her with pleading eyes.

“We shall see. I need to go to the bathroom,” Josephine said as she got up from her seat. She felt too uncomfortable with Ethan being there, as if his presence had affected the vibe so much that it made her feel hot and suffocating, but it was clearly spring.

As soon as Josephine entered the toilet cubicle, two female waitresses walked in and started talking about Ethan. “Wow! He must be mixed-race! He has facial features that don’t look local.” “He’s such a perfect-looking mixed-raced man! He’s like a real-life domineering CEO!”

“Exactly, being near him makes me feel nervous!” “I wonder why he came to our restaurant alone to eat barbeque.” “Hey, I noticed something. He seems to be constantly looking at that girl at the next table. Could it be that he came here for her?”

“Oh my god! That girl is so lucky to be pursued by such a handsome man. She is blessed!” Josephine, who was inside the cubicle, couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Being pursued wasn’t necessarily a blessing; it was also a form of pressure. She couldn’t be sure if Ethan went there to eat because of her. What if he just wanted food? She believed that she shouldn’t flatter herself. Otherwise, the backlash could be painful.

After she got out of the cubicle, she washed her hands and returned to her seat. She then saw Ethan sitting under the light and wearing a black shirt that perfectly matched the surroundings. He seemed to be glowing, and even his hair strands were so good-looking.

On the other hand, Luke, who was sitting beside her, was irritated as Ethan clearly ruined his date with Josephine. Moreover, his existence overshadowed Luke’s advantages, leaving him with no chance. This is truly outrageous. After Josephine sat down, Luke instantly suggested, “Hey, let’s change seats and move to a private room.”

“Why?” Josephine asked. “Because there’s someone I don’t want to see, and he’s affecting my appetite,” he replied. Hearing that, she comforted him, “It’s okay. There’s just two of us so it’s inappropriate to change to a private room.”

“What’s inappropriate about it? I could easily buy this barbeque restaurant.” Luke took the chance to flaunt his wealth.

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