My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1902

Barbecue it is, then. Josephine sent Luke a message, asking him if he was up for some barbecue. Luke immediately replied, ‘Sure, I’d like some barbecue too. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

Josephine booked a reservation at the barbecue shop she frequented. Meanwhile, on the street outside Josephine’s house, a black SUV was parked by the road. A certain man, who wasn’t too familiar with this area, was looking at the GPS. This was part of the old town area, so the streets were more closely woven, making it difficult for one to find one’s way.

Hence, the man could only get out of his car and ask an older man for instructions. The older man pointed ahead. “There’s a park in front. Drive in and you’ll get there.”

“Thank you.” Ethan smiled, then got into the car and continued driving. At the junction, Luke’s car also happened to turn onto the road.

Josephine stood at the door, waiting with her purse in hand. Soon, she saw Luke’s car heading her way. However, she didn’t notice a black SUV behind Luke’s car.

After pulling up, Luke got out of the car to open the car door for Josephine. At the same time, Ethan was looking at the signs. Suddenly, his gaze was drawn to a figure at the door. In an instant, he stepped on the brakes, sparks flying out of the tires as the car stopped and jerked forward a little.

The car stopped right at the door of Luke’s car, and Luke had just opened the door for Josephine. Startled, Josephine held onto the car window as she looked at the car beside them. Just then, the window of the SUV rolled down. A handsome face with sunglasses came into view.

It was none other than Ethan. Josephine was completely stunned. He took off his. sunglasses, his deep amber eyes staring at them. He finally knew why he was rejected.

This woman is going on a date with Luke. Ethan was greatly offended by what he saw, and Josephine’s mind turned blank for a few seconds. She never thought that Ethan would show up at her doorstep, even witnessing her getting into Luke’s car. How awkward.

“Quarles, what are you doing here? Joey promised to have dinner with me tonight. Go back to where you came from,” Luke said rudely. Ethan narrowed his eyes at Luke, then looked at Josephine. “Do you mind the three of us having dinner together?”

“I do mind, Luke retorted. Josephine also thought this wasn’t a good idea. Luke didn’t like Ethan, and Ethan didn’t seem too fond of Luke either. If they had a meal together, what would she do if they started a fight?

“I’m treating Luke to a meal tonight, so I’ll treat you to another meal next time, Mr. Quarles,” Josephine said, smiling. Then, she got into Luke’s car.

Luke’s car immediately made a U-turn, but the SUV behind it made a U-turn as well. As Luke drove, he stared at the SUV, following closely behind them. Fuming, he said, “Why does this guy keep following us?”

Josephine couldn’t help but take a look in the rearview mirror. Ethan’s car kept tailing them, and even when Luke rounded the corner, Ethan followed suit. What is he trying to do?

‘Maybe he’s going the same way as us,” Josephine said to Luke. The barbecue shop was nearby, so with Josephine’s guidance, Luke arrived at the entrance right away. Luke had just parked the car when the black SUV menacingly pulled up in the empty parking space next to them.

Josephine saw that as well, and she was stunned for a few seconds. Does he want to have dinner here as well? Seeing the tall figure getting out of the driver’s seat, Josephine couldn’t help but go up to him and ask, ‘Mr. Quarles, are you having dinner here as well?”

“Yes. I don’t really know where to have dinner. Am I bothering you?” Ethan raised an eyebrow as he asked. “Um, of course not. Josephine smiled awkwardly. Meanwhile, fearing that Ethan would snatch Josephine away, Luke reached out and grabbed Josephine’s hand. “Joey, let’s go in!”

Josephine was pulled away by Luke’s force, but she turned and glanced at Ethan behind her. She actually hoped that Ethan would go to another restaurant. With his identity, the barbecue might not be his jam.

Can he stand the heat? The food here is known for its spices! Unexpectedly, there were quite a lot of customers at the barbecue shop. Luke and Josephine went over to the table they had. reserved, and Josephine couldn’t help looking at Ethan. The waiter led Ethan to a table right next to theirs, and his seat was across Josephine’s.

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