My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1900

F*ck, it’s his, thought Luke. As Josephine gazed at the gift Ethan was extending toward her, she didn’t dare take it. She guessed that there would be jewelry of some sort inside, and those things were usually very expensive, so the gift would be on another level compared to normal gifts. “Please, take it,” Ethan said to her..

Josephine hesitated for a moment, then pushed his gift away. ‘It’s okay. Thank you, anyway. See you next time.” Josephine chose not to accept it. She feared that if she did, she wouldn’t be able to give him something of equal value in return.

Josephine got into the car and closed the door. Luke told his assistant Brennen to quickly start driving and leave the place. He didn’t want Ethan to take even one more look at Josephine. Ethan stood where he was, watching the car drive away. A hunter’s look flitted across his eyes.

He was definitely going to pursue this woman. Josephine sat in the car, listening to the conversation between Heidi and Luke as she filled her mind with thoughts of Ethan. She wasn’t a fool, she could sense that Ethan was trying to pursue her.

But why was the man pursuing her? Did he think she was different and wanted to play with her? Or did he actually want to marry her after he won her heart?

If it were the former, Josephine would say no without hesitation, because she didn’t want to be any man’s toy. If it were the latter, she didn’t know this man that well, and she realized she never knew much about him save for his name.

After Luke’s car drove into the city, it headed east. Then, it finally pulled up in front of a row of old bungalows. Josephine and Heidi got out of the car, and Luke enthusiastically carried their luggage inside as well. Heidi asked Luke to stay for some tea and rest a while.

Luke couldn’t have asked for a better offer. However, Josephine was quite tired, so she went upstairs to rest. After clearing her luggage, Josephine lay on the bed. She didn’t want to do anything. She just wanted to lie in bed.

Just then, there was a notification on her phone. She usually didn’t care about messages, but this time, she actively grabbed her phone and looked at it. Her heart skipped a beat again. It was a message from Ethan.

‘Have you arrived? Tell me when you’re home.” He actually spoke as if he were her boyfriend. Josephine’s face warmed up. ‘I just got home. Thank you for your concern, Josephine replied.

‘Are you free tonight? Maybe we can go out for dinner,’ he then asked. Josephine instantly closed her eyes and buried her face in the blanket as she thought about it. He was asking her out so actively. If she agreed, would he think that she was an easy woman?

However, she simply wanted to go. Josephine. felt like she was a walking contradiction. When she remembered the kiss on the boat, Josephine felt an electric current running through her body, numbing her..

She had never touched a man in her 25 years of existence, and it was quite sad to think about. If she had gotten into a serious relationship. before, she would have had more experience in romance, and she wouldn’t be like a maiden who had to consider so much and be so fearful simply because a man asked her out for dinner.

To go or not to go?’ That was a question worth pondering. ‘It’s just a meal, so it won’t hurt to get to know each other, right?’ said one part of her. Another part of her retorted, saying, ‘You’ll have to treat him to another meal next time. Also, Mom said that if the place is not reachable by bus, it’s considered a far place to get married off to She wasn’t even sure if Ethan was a local. If so, was it even necessary to continue interacting with him?

Just then, she received another message on her phone. ‘What’s the matter? Is it a bad time?’ the man asked.

‘Yes, I don’t think I can make it. Sorry!’ Josephine replied, declining. It was exactly because she was a calm and logical person that she would be single in her 25 years of existence. She analyzed every man who approached her like a calculator. If the person wasn’t someone worth dating, she wouldn’t even give the person a chance.

Unfortunately, Ethan was sorted into this category. Josephine scratched her messy hair, then let out a sigh. Forget it. I’m not worthy of a super rich and handsome man like Ethan, anyway.

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