My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 19

My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 19

After Anastasia returned to the shop and explained everything that had happened, the owner of the shop glanced at the torn gown before consoling her with a smile. “It’s alright, Miss Tillman. I’ve already bought insurance for this dress, and they’ll settle it for me.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Anastasia felt even more guilty. “It’s alright as long as you had fun,” the owner of the shop assured. Although Anastasia still felt guilty when she took the cab to go back home, she was extremely tired as well. All she wanted to do right now was to go home and hug her son until she fell asleep.

Anastasia finally reached home around 10.00PM. When she saw that Francis was still playing with Jared, she said, “Dad, I’m back. You can have some rest now.”

“Anastasia, Jared is a really bright kid, and I can’t even tell that he’s just four years old! You really did a great job educating him,” Francis exclaimed.

Upon hearing that, Anastasia couldn’t help but smile wryly as Jared learned everything by himself without needing her to educate him, and all she did was accompany him. After Francis went back to his room, she showered before hugging Jared tiredly and planting a kiss on his face. “Let’s sleep now, Jared.”

Since Jared had been playing for the entire day and was tired as well, he fell asleep in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, Anasthasia couldn’t fall asleep as she lowered her head to look at Jared before getting shocked.

Why are Jared’s facial features starting to resemble Elliot’s? I guess that’s probably because he’s good-looking, and every good-looking person looks similar to each other. This proves that Jared is going to be very handsome when he grows up. Although Elliot is a terrible person, it is undeniable that he’s handsome.

The next day, Anastasia told Nigel everything that happened during the jewelry exhibition while Nigel kept asking if she was injured.

“I’m returning to the country within a few days, and I’ll protect you,” Nigel said earnestly.

“I shall treat you to a meal when you return.”

“Sure. I miss Jared too, by the way,” Nigel laughed before replying.

“He misses you, too.” Anastasia laughed as well.

On Monday, she headed to the laundromat early in the morning to collect Elliot’s blazer so that she could return it to him at the company.

After finishing a cup of coffee and replying to all her work emails, Anastasia glanced at the time before calling Elliot’s landline.

“Hello?” A magnetic voice rang out.

“It’s Anastasia. I’m coming up now to return your blazer.” Then, Anastasia hung up before Elliot could say anything.

When she reached the entrance of Elliot’s office, she knocked before entering the office while the man sitting in the office gave her a sharp look.

After placing the blazer that was in a garment bag on the couch, she remarked, “I sent your blazer to the laundromat to have it cleaned already.”

“Are you really not going to thank me?” Elliot narrowed his eyes as he raised his chin to look at Anastasia.

“Thank you,” Anastasia replied hastily before leaving.

While staring at the woman who left as soon as she came, Elliot’s gaze darkened

slightly. Is this really the woman Grandma wants me to marry?

On the other hand, when Anastasia returned to her office, Grace suddenly entered along with a person before she reported, “Miss Tillman, you have a guest.”

When Anastasia looked up, she was taken aback. Isn’t this John from yesterday?

“Miss Tillman, you’re really here!” John was surprised that he had come to the right place. After returning home from the exhibition yesterday, all he could think about was Anastasia, and he decided that he wouldn’t give up pursuing her until he won her heart.

“President Curtis… Why are you here?” Anastasia greeted merrily as he was a guest, after all.

At the same time, John was shocked when he saw Anastasia. While Anastasia looked like a goddess when she was in her gown, she looked extremely charismatic in her

office wear. A white blouse and a pencil skirt were enough to make her look sexy.

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