My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1899

“I had to attend an important meeting in the morning, so I didn’t get the chance to see you off at the pier. You didn’t answer my phone calls either, so I thought you must be mad at me. So, I came here especially to apologize to you, Ethan replied earnestly.

“What? You called me? Why didn’t I know about it?” With that, Josephine hastily took out her phone to confirm. Just as Ethan said, there were two missed calls from him. She was troubled. She must have accidentally missed the calls.

“I wasn’t mad at you, I just happened to not notice your calls coming in. You don’t have to apologize to me.” Josephine felt a little sorry as well.

If she had answered his calls, he wouldn’t have come all the way here. Ethan was still relieved. At least she missed the calls because she didn’t notice, not because she was mad at him.

Josephine’s face turned red for some reason. She was usually bold and outspoken, but now she had experienced what it was like to be embarrassed. She didn’t even dare to look at Ethan’s face.

This man went to such great lengths just to meet her. Putting everything else aside, this man knew how to woo a woman. She was actually touched.

“Come here, Brennen.” Behind them, Luke called an assistant who had come to fetch them. He pointed at Josephine’s luggage, then said, “Help Miss Jacobson load her luggage into the car.”

Brennen Porter was Luke’s best assistant, so of course he knew how much effort Luke put in to pursue Josephine. Hence, he hastily ran over to do his boss’ bidding.

Also, he was also quite a perceptive man. When he saw the tall and handsome figure next to Josephine, he guessed that Luke had met with a strong rival.

“Miss Jacobson, I’ll help you with your luggage.” With that, Brennen moved to take Josephine’s suitcase. However, a large hand pressed on the suitcase, stopping him. He was even given a sharp look. “Don’t touch it.”

Obviously, only a certain somebody was allowed to carry this suitcase, and everyone else wasn’t permitted to touch it. Josephine was feeling awkward now. On the cruise ship, she and Heidi had agreed to take Luke’s car home, so if she refused now, it wouldn’t look too good.

“Quarles, can’t you see that Josephine and Mrs. Jacobson are getting in my car?” Luke stepped forward and spoke up. Ethan made him feel very threatened.

At the side, Heidi was both surprised and shocked. Since when had her daughter gained so many admirers? Two men were fighting for the spot to send Josephine home; Heidi had nothing to worry about when it came to finding suitors for her daughter.

Josephine bit her lip and said, “Mr. Quarles, thank you for offering us a ride, but I’ve already. promised to take Luke’s car home. Please go back.”

Josephine couldn’t back out on her promise to Luke. Also, she was caught off guard by Ethan’s sudden appearance. She was shaken, and she needed time to calm down.

Ethan was sullen. He came all the way to fetch her, but she refused his offer to send her home. Still, he respected her decision. “All right. I’ll be in town for a while, so let’s have a meal together sometime,” the man said in a low voice.

When Josephine heard that, she recalled something her parents always said. She was their only daughter, so they didn’t want her to marry off to someone far away. They weren’t counting on her to take care of them, but they worried that she would have to take a long trip home if she was in trouble. “Okay.’ Josephine nodded. This man doesn’t live here permanently. I see…

Ethan still carried her luggage to Luke’s car. When Luke walked over to them, he thought his car was cool enough, but he didn’t expect to see the black car parked beside it. He couldn’t help but take another glance at it. He was quite knowledgeable about cars, and he knew that the car was unbelievably expensive. Also, this was definitely a private custom-made model.

He didn’t know which millionaire it belonged to. According to what he knew of Averna, no one was driving a car like that. Just then, Ethan thought of something, then said to Josephine, who was about to get into the car, “Hold on. I have a gift for you.”

Josephine was stunned. He even prepared a gift? Luke was wondering who owned the car when he saw Ethan walking to the back seat of the car and opening the door. Ethan retrieved an exquisitely wrapped golden box from it, and Luke’s eyes widened to twice their usual size.

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