My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1898

When Josephine returned to her seat, Heidi. also forgot to inform her that there was a phone call for her. Even when Josephine read the news on her phone, she didn’t notice the two missed calls from Ethan in the list of calls she hadn’t answered. Moreover, she always received a lot of calls, so she couldn’t be bothered to look through her missed calls.

It was quite fun to enjoy the 5-star treatment on the cruise ship, for there was food, drinks, and entertainment provided. Luke would drop by every so often to say hi as he tried to appeal to Josephine. Also, he had contacted a driver who would send Josephine and Heidi home as soon as they arrived.

Meanwhile, a private plane had just taken to the skies as it left the island. Ethan was seated on the plane, checking the schedule of the cruise ship Josephine was on. He suddenly realized that after he disembarked from the plane, he would have another hour to rush to the pier to meet her.

He couldn’t help but curve his lips. At least he had a chance to present himself. Josephine seemed to be occupied with new thoughts because she kept feeling the urge to look for Ethan. The kiss last night was especially memorable, and she could recall the sensation every time she closed her eyes. It was her first kiss, after all.

Yet she had given it to him so easily. She sort of felt bad for her future boyfriend. Meanwhile, at the airport in Averna, a private. plane had just touched down. After that, a black Rolls-Royce was transported off the plane. Under the afternoon sun, the car shimmered and looked especially prestigious and brilliant..

Three security SUVS followed suit. When all the procedures were settled, the black car bound for the pier right away with the SUVs as escorts. Meanwhile, there were about 30 minutes left before the cruise ship arrived at the pier. A number of luxurious cars were already parked at the parking lot at the pier, turning it into a luxury vehicle exhibition.

Just then, at the entrance, four cars drove boldly in. When the vehicles were parked properly, the back door of the Rolls-Royce: opened. Ethan strode out in his black suit. His long slender legs, paired with his handsome figure, had turned even the luxurious car into an accessory.

When Ethan caught sight of the cruise ship headed for the pier, the corners of his mouth. turned up for a moment. He would have to behave as apologetically as possible later.

When the cruise ship arrived at the pier, quite a number of drivers and servants working for prestigious families came forward to welcome their masters. Most of them helped to carry the luggage, whereas some of them helped the old masters along.

Josephine and Heidi carried their bags. Josephine had to wrestle her own luggage out of Luke’s hands, but Heidi allowed Luke to carry hers. “Luke, did you have a car ready?” Heidi asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Jacobson, it’s waiting for us at the parking lot.” As Josephine dragged her luggage out on the pavement, one of the wheels of her suitcase was caught in a gap. She had to jerk her suitcase with more force to loosen it, but she didn’t succeed.

Josephine bent down to knock at it, but suddenly, a strong man’s hand reached out. A low male voice sounded as well. “Allow me.” Josephine raised her head in shock, staring in disbelief at the man who had appeared out of nowhere. Her heart skipped a few beats. Gosh, why is he here?

Luke carried the luggage as he helped the seasick Heidi off the ship. When he looked up. he was stunned to see Ethan suddenly there in front of Josephine, helping Josephine with her luggage.

Luke was pissed. This b*stard doesn’t know when to quit. Ethan kept snatching away his chances to appeal to Josephine. “W-Why are you here?” Josephine suppressed the emotions in her heart as she asked him calmly. “Do you not want to see me?” the man asked in a low voice..

“It’s not that. Were you on the cruise ship as well?” Josephine found it weird, for she hadn’t seen him at all. “No, I came here by plane, then I rushed here from the airport to send you and your mother home,” the man replied.

Josephine couldn’t help but widen her beautiful eyes. What? He even made an effort to rush here from the airport. “W-Why would you do that?” Josephine asked, puzzled.

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