My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1897

“I know what you’re thinking. Hold your horses, Ellen said, looking up. She blushed right after, then wrapped her arms around his waist as she touched his strong body. She herself found it difficult to endure.

Her husband was charming and handsome, but she could only look at him. The two were holding back with everything they had, for the baby was their utmost priority. “I’m spending the night with you.” Jared decided not to go anywhere, and that he would stay with her in the room instead.

At the moment, Willow was sitting in her own villa, working earnestly on a paper. Even though the atmosphere outside was merry and festive, she was willing to resist the temptation and work hard for her career.

Meanwhile, Elliot and his wife chatted with their friends and relatives on the lawn. There was wine and champagne all around, and also countless stories of life. They felt as if they had gone back in time to their youths.

At around 9.30AM, Josephine and Heidi packed their bags and prepared to set out for the city. Luke had enthusiastically prepared a car for them early on, and he even helped load their bags into the car.

“Luke, thank you so much!” Heidi said gratefully. “It’s nothing, Mrs. Jacobson. If there’s anything you need, just let me know and I’ll see to it,” Luke chimed. He truly liked Josephine, and he had liked her ever since he fell for her at first sight. He wasn’t just aiming to establish a connection with Josephine’s grandfather and his network; in reality, he admired Josephine’s. outstanding qualities as well.

“Come on, Joey! Get in the car.” Heidi tugged at her daughter, who was zoning out. She didn’t know what Josephine was looking out for.

Josephine hastily returned to her senses, then sighed lightly. She didn’t know what she was expecting, either. Some people were only destined to meet for a short while, and their futures would no longer intersect after that.

It wasn’t until she boarded the cruise ship headed for the city that Josephine’s tiny sliver of hope finally disappeared. When she turned around, Luke was smiling at her in fascination.

‘Joey, after going back to the city, let’s have al meal together. Which restaurant would you like to go to? I can bring you there.” “Let’s leave it for another time. I have to get to work as soon as I get back.” Josephine declined in a roundabout way.

“You still have to eat, don’t you?” Luke would never give up. Moreover, he also noticed that Ethan didn’t see her off, so he was even more relieved.

No one knew men better than men themselves. A man who was on the top of the food chain. like Ethan would have no lack of women, so why would he stay for Josephine? He probably changed the women around him all the time.

Meanwhile, a man was in a villa attending an important video conference. He had checked his watch countless times in annoyance. This was an important meeting to elect members of the board, and his father was present as well. Hence, Ethan couldn’t leave from 9.00AM until now, which was already 10.30AM.

Finally, the election was over. Ethan slammed his laptop shut, then hastily rushed outside. He started his roadster and then sped onto the road outside the villa.

However, when his car arrived at the villa Josephine and Heidi had stayed at, only staff members were seen cleaning up the place. Ethan strode in and asked the steward, “Have the guests in this villa left?”

“Yes, sir. They left,” the steward replied. Ethan could only sigh. He was late, after all. He took out his phone and dialed Josephine’s number. Meanwhile, Josephine’s bag was with Heidi, and she herself was admiring the view on the deck. Heidi was chatting enthusiastically with her friend, so she didn’t hear the ringtone from her daughter’s phone.

Ethan dialed Josephine’s number twice in a row, and Heidi finally noticed the last call. When she took out her daughter’s phone, it had already stopped ringing. When she inputted the password and unlocked her daughter’s phone, she glanced at the number. Josephine had saved the number under some abbreviation.

Heidi couldn’t read it, so she put the phone back and swiped away the missed calls. Meanwhile, as Ethan stood in front of the villa and saw that Josephine didn’t pick up, he was instantly a little worried. Was she mad because he didn’t see her off? Was she ignoring him?

Ethan then dialed his subordinate’s number and asked them to prepare a plane that would immediately take him back to the city airport in Averna. He wanted to meet Josephine and apologize to her.

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