My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1896

Josephine trapped Ethan under her, their faces almost touching. Whoa! Josephine’s face immediately turned red. She wanted to get up as soon as possible, but when she positioned herself upright, she realized the boat was only halfway through the turn. Another force hit her, and Josephine could do nothing but lie on the man’s body as she hugged his waist.

Even though Ethan was angry at the helmsman for making such a sharp turn and causing Josephine to fall, he also felt that there was a silver lining to it. When her soft and fragrant body fell into his arms, he felt an electric current running through his entire body, extending to his limbs.

Ironically, Josephine was right up his alley, as if she was born with the ability to seduce him. Finally, when the boat positioned itself toward the pier, Josephine stiffly got off the man’s body. After seating herself securely, she gathered her messy hair. ‘Sorry for just now.”

“It’s fine.” Ethan looked at her, admiring the red tint of her cheeks in secret fascination. They hadn’t gone very far, so they reached the pier in 15 minutes. As Ethan escorted Josephine out of the boat, a person suddenly rushed over to them. Startled, Josephine looked to see that it was Luke. Oh! He’s patient enough to actually wait at the pier all this while.

“Luke?” Josephine said in surprise. Joey, did he bully you? Did he take advantage of you?” Luke feared that Ethan would take advantage of the situation and do something to Josephine on the boat. Josephine’s face immediately turned red as she replied, “No. I’m going back.”

“I’ll send you back,” said Luke. Ethan subconsciously frowned at the sight of this meddlesome man. “I was the one who invited her, so I should be the one to send her back.”

“Mr. Quarles, you have to wait for your turn if you want to pursue Joey. I’m actively pursuing her right now, so you’re not allowed to snatch her away.” Luke reached out and blocked Ethan’s path.

Ethan instantly clenched his fists, startling Luke. Ethan did look like the sort of person who could put up a fight and win it. Luke immediately invited Josephine to walk toward a waiting car. Joey, here. My car is this way.”

Josephine turned around and said to the man behind her, “Mr. Quarles, you don’t have to come with me. Goodbye.” “Shall I send you back to the city tomorrow morning?” Ethan asked, halting her.

“No, thank you.” With that, Josephine turned again to glance at the man behind her. She didn’t know if she would have another chance to meet him after this farewell. She even thought that their encounter was but a brief intersection of parallel lines.

Josephine turned away in determination as she walked toward Luke’s car. Then, she opened the door to the backseat and got in. Luke got in as well, and when he closed the door, he noticed Josephine looking out the window.

Alarms were instantly set off in Luke’s mind. What’s this? Has Josephine already fallen for this b*stard? If not, why does she look so reluctant to leave?

Since the windows at the back seat were private, one could only look outside from within, but people outside couldn’t see what was going on inside. Ethan thought Josephine would roll down the windows and wave goodbye, but even after the car had driven away, the glass window stayed up. He gazed in the direction of the car, mumbling, Josephine, we’ll meet again.”

On a balcony of a villa, Jared watched the fireworks show with Ellen. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and it served as the perfect ending to their wedding day. Ellen was in a pretty red dress, and her long hair lay slightly curled in front of her chest. A diamond headband. adorned her head, and her makeup was simple yet elegant. She exuded an alluring charm.

“All right, we should get some rest.” Ellen took his hand. Then, as if she had thought of something, she suggested, ‘I know you definitely won’t be able to sleep tonight. Why don’t you go have some fun with your friends, and I’ll go to bed first?”

“Are you tired?” Jared reached out and touched her face. As he gazed at her dainty collarbones, there was a dense look in his eyes, but he had to resist every thought that occurred to him.

Sometimes, he felt that the child was too good at tormenting people. Why would the baby.. come at this moment? He hadn’t even had enough of dating, but here he was, about to become a father soon.

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