My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1895

“Let’s enjoy the fireworks here,” the man suggested. “Sure!” Josephine didn’t want to leave either. Josephine gazed at the fireworks, so entranced by them that she didn’t even blink. She failed to notice that the man next to her was scooting closer.

By the time Josephine finally sensed it, she turned to see the handsome face inches away from hers. Ethan’s arm had also extended around her shoulders without her realizing it. They were so close that they could feel each other’s breaths.

Josephine’s heart skipped a beat. What’s going on? she thought. Her mind went slightly blank. She knew it was extremely suggestive, but she was so absorbed in the moment that she didn’t want to push him away.

Also, as the fireworks were reflected in the man’s eyes, it was as soul-stirring as the galaxy. She was deeply enchanted as if she were under a spell.

Ethan edged closer, meaning to test her response. He soon found that Josephine wasn’t moving away; he felt as if she was encouraging and welcoming him instead.

Ethan swallowed seductively, then pressed his thin lips against Josephine’s. It was so soft that he felt like his entire body had gotten an electric shock. Greed filled him in that instant, and he desired even more.

Josephine felt like the fireworks had exploded inside her brain too, and her mind turned completely blank. Hm? I don’t hate it, she realized. I never thought a man’s lips would be this soft.

Josephine was quite particular about hygiene, especially when it came to physical contact. with people of the opposite gender. However, strangely enough, she didn’t mind Ethan that much, and she even thought he smelled good.

Ethan’s hand snaked up behind her head and held it gently. With a slight force, he pushed her against him so that the kiss was no longer just a graze. The man was exploring according to his own wishes.

“Mm Josephine let out a small moan as she ignored the danger signals in her brain. She realized that she liked the kiss. It was refreshing and something she had never experienced before, so it implored her to explore even further.

Finally, when the kiss got too embarrassing for Josephine, she reached out and pushed him away. She looked away and panted slightly. Ethan curved his thin lips subtly, his eyes colored with unfulfilled desire. “Ahem! Josephine held her fist to her mouth. and coughed on purpose to relieve the awkwardness. “Um… we should head back.”

“Don’t you want to stay a while longer?” Ethan had no intention of going back just like that. “I… I have to go back and pack my things. I’ll be going back to the city for work tomorrow morning.” Josephine found a random excuse.

Ethan glanced at the time. “It’s only 8.30PM. The night is still young.” Josephine was speechless. Couldn’t this man see that she was getting awkward already? She wasn’t good at kissing strangers at all.

Wait, is he good at kissing strangers? Does he bring pretty girls to his private boat often, then seduce them with his charm? As soon as the thought occurred to her, Josephine woke up from her trance.

She had to treat that kiss seriously. If not, the man might think she was an easy woman. “Mr. Quarles, it’s getting late. Please send me back,” said Josephine sternly.

Ethan was slightly stunned. Why was she suddenly demanding to go back? Wasn’t the atmosphere perfect just now? “What’s wrong? Did I upset you without realizing it?” Ethan immediately straightened up and asked her curiously. He couldn’t help but feel reluctant to leave. “Won’t you stay a while longer with me?”

However, Josephine was determined to go back. “Why don’t you send me back, then go back out to sea if you’d like?” Ethan was bewildered. Without her by his side, what fun was there to have out on the sea alone?

“Alright, I’ll take you back.” Ethan took out his phone and contacted the people in the control. room to head back to the pier. Josephine bit her red lips. Just then, the inertial from the boat turning around suddenly sent Josephine crashing against the man.

“Ah!” Josephine shrieked, then instinctively reached out to grab the man’s shoulders. Due to the force, Ethan’s body tilted, but he managed to regain balance as he pulled Josephine into his embrace. In that instant, the two fell into a suggestive pose on the couch.

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