My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1887

“That won’t do. No matter who sent it, you have to stop sharing it right now and delete the article. I’m serious! I wasn’t the one who sent the email,” Josephine said anxiously.

“We can’t stop it anymore. Let me see… We’ve hit over 100,000 shares already!” Josephine was desperate now. Who had sent the photos to the company under her name? They were essentially getting her in trouble!

Josephine immediately ended her call with Wren, then contacted Mr. Fox, the leader of her team at work. Just as expected, Mr. Fox began the conversation with praise. “Joey! I expected no less from you! I knew you wouldn’t miss such sensational news. I’m going to get you that promotion this year!”

“Mr. Fox, I wasn’t the one who sent those photos, and I’m asking you to stop spreading this news right now. If not, the consequences would be unthinkable,” Josephine warned.

“What? Weren’t you the one who sent it to us? When we received the letter, the signature was yours!” “It wasn’t me, I promise. I don’t know whom I offended to get framed like this,” Josephine explained earnestly.

“But Joey, don’t you know how many views we’re getting just because you got us the exclusive shots? This is all profit!” “I don’t care about the money, Mr. Fox. Please stop spreading it!” Josephine begged..

“No can do. Some things just can’t be undone.. Also, the photos have already been leaked, so even if we don’t cover this news as soon as we can, other TV stations will cover it anyway. Just let it be and enjoy the banquet!”

Josephine slapped her forehead in agony. Who on earth was trying to frame her?! She was so mad that she went out to the balcony for some fresh air. She felt like she was sweating all over.

However, right at that moment, she noticed someone sitting in the garden. It was none other than Selena, and the woman was having some tea while playing with her phone. Selena caught sight of Josephine too as she looked up and narrowed her eyes at the latter.

All of a sudden, Josephine realized only Selena had a grudge against her. Could she have framed me? She then remembered mentioning her job and workplace to only Selena.

Josephine was filled with anger. She immediately went down the stairs and stormed right up to Selena’s villa. Then, she pushed open the gate and went in.

“Selena, were you the one who leaked photos of the wedding under my name?” Josephine interrogated. Selena was prepared for this as well, and of course, she would never admit to it. She retorted with a sneer, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Is that so? Of all the guests here, you were the only one I told about the TV station I worked for, so it’s definitely you! Do you know how much trouble you’re putting me in?” Josephine bellowed furiously.

“Why must it be me? Do you have any evidence? Also, I’m not the only person who knows about your job, am I? You have friends too. Don’t your friends know about your identity? Josephine, you shouldn’t accuse someone like that.” Selena stood up, adamantly. refusing to admit it.

“I know it’s you. You’re the bride’s family, so how can you do this to her? The Presgraves forbid their weddings to be made public, don’t you know that?” Josephine was fuming. She couldn’t ignore the fact that a family member of the bride could be so nonchalant about the bride’s reputation.

Selena feigned anger as she said, “Josephine, I think you’re the one who spread the news yourself! Reporters like you constantly try to attract attention and views, aren’t I right? This is your job too, so you’re just trying to get credit in your company!”

Josephine didn’t expect to be accused in return. She decided that she had to notify the Presgraves immediately so that they could deal with this matter as soon as possible.

Thankfully, Josephine had gotten Ethan’s number just now. She took out her phone, and as she walked away, she dialed Ethan’s number. “Hello! Missing me already?” The man answered the call with a smile. “Mr. Quarles, there’s something I need your help with. It’s urgent.”

“A request so soon? Go ahead,” the man said readily. “Here’s the thing; I just received a call from a colleague at work. Someone leaked photos of the wedding, and I thought I should inform the Presgraves about it. If not, it’ll cause them trouble.”

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