My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1886

Josephine held up her palms. The man only had to find a good angle to take the photo so that she looked like she was holding up the island. After the photo was taken, Josephine walked toward the man, but she realized he was still clicking the shutter. It was only then that Josephine realized something was wrong.

“Hey, why are you still taking photos?!” she asked in embarrassment, then rushed over to snatch her camera back. Josephine grabbed her camera and began looking through the photos. When she saw the numerous photos of herself, she was instantly pissed. This man hadn’t been taking photos of her seriously!

“You-” Josephine reached out and tried to hit him. Ethan immediately laughed as he ran forward. Josephine naturally ran after him, and they continued the chase for a dozen yards. Suddenly, the man turned around and stopped running. Josephine reached out to hit him, but she couldn’t control her momentum, so before she could hit him, she ran straight into him instead.

Ethan laughed as he enjoyed the feeling of a pretty woman running into his arms. He was also holding Josephine’s hands, so in an instant, the banter turned into something suggestive.

“Let go.” Josephine’s face turned red as she looked up, asking the man to let go. “No way.” The man was mean. “You-” Josephine laughed amidst the anger, and she could only resort to struggling in his embrace.

Ethan graciously let go of her. Josephine then took a small step backward and looked at him, complaining, “Do you like teasing girls that much?” “You’re the first girl I’ve ever teased like that,” the man said with raised eyebrows.

Josephine didn’t believe him. Instead, she felt that this man had quite a lot of ways to showcase his allure. He looked like he was in his late 20s, so he didn’t seem like he lacked female company.

“Let’s go back!” Josephine looked at the time. It was almost 3.00PM. “Don’t you believe me?” The man’s low voice sounded a little hurt.

Josephine couldn’t help but be stunned. Was it so important to him whether she believed him or not? Was it worth him using such an injured tone?

She thought that since they met each other despite everything, they should part ways peacefully. “Yes, I believe you. Let’s go!” Josephine appeased him, going against her truest thoughts.

When Ethan heard that, he smiled as he shook his head. She didn’t believe him at all, but she still lied to him about it. They had only known each other for three days, and he would be asking too much of her if he wanted her to believe him.

After all, he didn’t know her that well either. With that, Ethan sent Josephine home. When she got out of the car, Ethan passed her his phone. Confused, Josephine asked, “What are you doing, Mr. Quarles?”

“Give me your number,” he said. “Forget it!” Josephine felt like it was unnecessary. After all, they would return to their own lives after the wedding.

“Even if you don’t give me your number, I have my ways of getting it. I hope you can give it to me on your own accord,” the man requested. Josephine thought for a bit. Having extra connections wouldn’t hurt. Besides, what if she needed his help somewhere down the line?

Josephine took his phone and keyed in her number. Then, she dialed her number once before waving goodbye. “See you later tonight.”

When Josephine returned to the villa, her mother had just woken up. Heidi asked where she had gone, and Josephine merely said, “I went out for fun.” However, she didn’t tell Heidi that she had gone out with a man.

Now, Heidi wished Josephine could just get married already. She could even see a son-in- law in every decent-looking man she encountered.

Josephine went back to her room and was about to process the photos when her phone rang. She glanced at her phone to see that it was a call from her colleague, Wren Simpson. Thus, she reached out and answered the call. “Hello?”

“What the hell, Joey?! No wonder I haven’t seen you these days; you’re attending the Presgraves’ wedding!” “Did Mr. Fox tell you that?” Josephine asked.

“He didn’t say anything. You contributed to the company, didn’t you? You helped our company get exclusive photos of the Presgrave wedding, and we just uploaded them! We’ve gotten so many shares already! Also, it’ll be included in our news program at 8.00PM tonight! You’re amazing!”

“What?” Josephine was so shocked that she stood up. “What photos? I never sent any photos to the company! Where did you get them from?”

“What? From you, of course! We all know what sort of person you are, Joey, so don’t worry, we won’t say that it’s from you. You sent them anonymously, after all!”

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