My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1884

“Have as much fun as you’d like tonight. You can even ask Miss Jacobson out,” Jared said to his good friend, hoping that the latter would find true love soon.

Ethan curved his lips and crossed his arms as he said, “I never make the first move. Even if I were to go on a date, they would have to ask me out first.”

“Let me give you a piece of advice as someone with experience. If you insist on maintaining your pride, you won’t get the girl.” Jared glanced at the time, then got up and patted him. “I’ll be going back now.”

Around ten minutes after Jared left, Ethan took his phone and went downstairs. He unlocked his cool sports car and got in, then drove toward Josephine’s villa.

As expected, he ate his words quickly enough. He said he wouldn’t make the first move, but here he was, making the first move already. After Josephine took the bouquet home, she even sprayed some water on the flowers so that they would stay beautiful.

“Joey, I’m going to nap for a while.” Heidi had a habit of taking afternoon naps, so she retired to her room. Josephine sat on the couch, thinking of watching some TV when she heard a car honking outside.

It seemed to be summoning her. As such, Josephine got up and went out to the garden. Then, she saw Ethan getting out of his sports car, which was parked by the road outside the fence.

“Why are you here?” Josephine asked him over the fence. “Nice weather today. Fancy going out for a ride?” said the man invitingly.

Josephine felt tempted to accept his invitation, for she was indeed a little bored. “Are you asking me out?” Josephine questioned with a raised brow. Ethan nodded. “Yes. Care to humor me?”

Seeing that her mother had gone to sleep, Josephine said to Ethan, “Wait for me. I’ll get my camera and purse.”

Meanwhile, on a balcony on the third floor of the building next to them, a pair of eyes hiding behind curtains watched the scene unfold. Selena had also heard Ethan honking earlier, and when she saw Ethan coming over and asking Josephine out on his own accord, her heart was filled with jealousy.

When she saw Josephine decisively getting into Ethan’s sports car before the two disappeared off the roads of the villa garden, Selena was so mad that she almost lost her mind. “You b*tch! I’ll make your life a living hell,” she muttered.

With that, Selena had already conjured up an insidious plot: she would frame Josephine. The wedding wasn’t supposed to be made known to the public, but Josephine was a reporter. If news of the wedding were exposed, Josephine would be the first to be suspected.

The other night, Josephine mentioned the TV station she worked for, and Selena had committed it to memory. Now, she would send an anonymous submission signed with Josephine’s name to the TV station.

Spurred by her hatred, Selena took out her laptop and went right to work. She would exact revenge on Josephine for snatching Ethan away from her.

Meanwhile, Josephine was seated in Ethan’s convertible, attracting many gazes along the way. Of course, the sports car wasn’t the only thing catching everyone’s attention; the good- looking young couple in the car was quite striking as well. “Can you take me to where we first met?”

Josephine asked him. “Of course.” Ethan immediately drove onto a wide road by the sea, then took her to the almost deserted beach. Back then, he had driven there as well, and he even went into the sea for a dip. Unfortunately, he bumped into her.

“Mr. Quarles, I have to clarify again that I didn’t mean to take photos of you that day.” Josephine felt like she needed to explain once more. In truth, Ethan also felt a little sorry for leaving her alone that day. “In that case, why did you take photos of me?”

Ethan asked. Josephine answered truthfully, “I accidentally came across you and mistook you for a model. You’re quite photogenic, after all.”

“So, you’re saying I’m handsome, have a good build, and have an outstanding aura?” asked the man while praising himself. Josephine praised him generously, “You’re very handsome indeed.”

“Does that mean you like me?” Ethan was a little giddy now. This feeling was different from when he was praised by other women, and he was greatly pleased.

“Don’t misunderstand, Mr. Quarles, but I think personality triumphs over appearance. In other words, I like people who have good personalities,” Josephine answered.

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