My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1882

The guests were touched by the young couple’s love. After hearing Jared’s confession, as she sat among the guests, Selena realized how much of a fool she was when she tried seducing Jared in the beginning.

Meanwhile, Josephine looked at the bride on the stage, astonished at how beautiful she was. The bride was also very mysterious, for the media hadn’t figured out her identity or background even until that point.

Just then, she met the gaze of a certain best man on the stage. Even though there was quite a distance between them, she could sense that Ethan was looking at her.

Luke noticed that Ethan had his eyes on Josephine, so he immediately reached out vexedly and put his arm on the back of Josephine’s chair, deliberately getting into a more intimate position with Josephine.

The man on the stage darkened his gaze. Just then, the host announced that the bride would be tossing the bouquet soon, so the ladies who wanted to catch some good luck could start getting ready to catch the bouquet.

“Go ahead, Joey.” Heidi nudged her daughter, insisting that she go and catch the bouquet for good luck. Selena, who was sitting opposite them, was being urged by Olivia as well. “Hurry up, Lena! What are you waiting for?”

When Heidi saw her daughter feigning ignorance and staying silent, she got physical as she pushed Josephine into a standing position. Josephine turned around and asked exasperatedly, “Mom, do I have to go?”

The other girls were already scrambling to line up at the empty space in front of the stage. At that moment, Ellen waved toward the girls in greeting as the music played, then turned her back toward them and got ready to toss the bouquet.

Ethan looked at the girls gathered below the stage, then naturally caught sight of the girl who reluctantly walked toward the edge. His gaze locked onto her face. Everyone else tiptoed, fearing that they wouldn’t be able to catch the bouquet.

As for Josephine, it was clear from her expression that she didn’t want to catch it. Just then, Ellen tossed the bouquet. Since she exerted more force, the bouquet in her hands soared lightly and easily, then traced an arc in the air before descending.

Josephine was standing at the edge, but two other girls behind her were enthusiastically trying to move forward by pushing her. Selenal was one of them. She didn’t care about her identity anymore; she wanted to catch the bouquet and obtain the blessing from the heavens so that she could be the next bride.

At that moment, Josephine felt something hit her head. She almost instinctively reached out, and Ellen’s bouquet landed right in her arms.

The other girls couldn’t even catch it while tiptoeing, but as if fate had decreed it, the bouquet fell squarely into Josephine’s hands. Onstage, Ethan was stunned, and he couldn’t help but curve his lips into a smile.

Josephine held the bouquet in her hands, receiving looks of admiration from the girls around her. Selena, however, was filled with jealousy and hatred. She had worked so hard, but she couldn’t catch the bouquet in the end. How did Josephine do it?

Josephine didn’t know either. She looked up. and met Ellen’s gaze on the stage. When Ellen. smiled gently at her, her heart warmed up instantly as she held the bouquet and said to Ellen, “Thank you.”

Immediately after that, Josephine felt someone else’s profound and captivating gaze. She looked and saw that Ethan was staring at her with a half-smile on his face.

Josephine felt her heart skip a beat as she held the bouquet and turned around, returning to her seat at once. When Heidi saw that her daughter had actually caught the bouquet, she knew that it was a good sign, signifying that her daughter could be the next bride. Similarly, Luke was overjoyed as he praised Josephine, “You’re amazing, Joey.”

Josephine treated the bouquet in her arms like some treasure. It wasn’t because of anything else; she just thought it was too beautiful, so she should care for it as much as possible. Ellen and Willow went backstage, then changed into a different set of dresses for the remainder of the night.

The food was then served, and it turned out to be a sumptuous feast. It had been a long time since Olivia and Selena last had food as expensive as this. Even though they tried their best to suppress it, their table manners betrayed their identities.

“Try this, Lena.” Olivia helped herself to some food first, but fearing that her daughter wouldn’t get to taste it, she placed some on Selena’s plate as well. Every time a new dish was served, Olivia would be the first to dig in.

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