My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1879

“We’ve discussed it earlier. You just have to propose a toast to those at the first three tables, then you can head to the private room and get some rest. I’ll handle the rest,” Jared said. They had to avoid any activity that might exhaust Ellen.

“Okay.” Ellen felt warm in her heart. While staying on the island, she had gotten closer to the Presgraves and felt that they were truly caring and compassionate.

The guests were dressed to the nines and ready to attend the wedding. Connor and his family were wearing the clothes that Olivia had borrowed, making them look less ordinary. “Mom, this dress is too small. It doesn’t fit,” Selena complained.

“Stop complaining when you have a nice dress to wear! Just don’t eat too much later,” Olivia retorted. Suddenly thinking of something, she turned to look at her husband anxiously. “Connor, did Ellen call you and ask you to walk her down the aisle?”

“No.” “Every bride needs an elder to walk her down the aisle. You’re her closest relative, so why didn’t she call you?” Olivia asked in shock. Connor was embarrassed as well. “Perhaps a luxurious wedding like this is different. Moreover, I’m too bashful to do that.”

“I suppose Ellen no longer regards us as relatives, huh? How is she going to walk down the aisle and go on stage without you? Is she going to do that on her own? That will be laughable!” Nothing good ever came out of Olivia’s mouth.

Connor shot her a stern look. “It’s Ellie’s big day. so don’t say any nonsense as there will be many guests at the wedding. You mustn’t. embarrass her.”

“Do you think she’s still your dearest Ellie? She probably won’t spare us a glance again after the wedding.” Olivia sneered.

Selena was fed up with their argument, so she went to the yard and happened to see Josephine and her mother leaving the villa, ready to head to the wedding.

Presently, Josephine was clad in a light blue. dress with her hair hung loose on her shoulders. She looked charming and refreshing. A hint of resentment flashed across Selena’s eyes. She had always been a crafty. person, but the woman managed to snatch. Ethan from her the night before. It was only natural that she was vexed. Just you wait, Josephine. I’ll let you know the consequences of offending me!

Meanwhile, Josephine and her mother entered the car and headed to the wedding. As the breeze whisked through her, she looked out the window and spaced out. When they passed by the walkway where Ethan carried her in his arms the night before, she suddenly wondered why the man was willing to lend her a helping hand.

Has he fallen in love with me? Well, a handsome man like him isn’t husband material, and it’s not like he can look young forever. Moreover, many women will try to snatch him from me, and he might even cheat on me.

After the analysis, Josephine felt that she’d better remain single. After all, there were many single people at her station, and they were all capable people who lived their lives to the fullest. Soon, Connor’s car was ready, and they went to the wedding together.

There was a long stretch of roses that extended from the area where the guests got out of their cars to the banquet hall roughly 600 feet away. The roses were beautiful and fragrant. As the guests walked along the path, they felt rejuvenated. Olivia was dumbfounded. “How much does it all cost? A bouquet of roses is already worth a ton at the florist!”

Selena was walking in front when she heard her mother’s words, so she couldn’t help but turn her head and retort, “Mom, stop behaving like a poor person. Do you want everyone to find out we’re not rich?”

Olivia naturally wouldn’t admit that she wasn’t from a well-to-do family. Upon hearing her daughter’s words, she felt aggrieved, for she indeed behaved like one.

The banquet hall could accommodate 500 people, and it was full of guests now. Gold and red were the main colors, making the wedding look solemn and magnificent.

A wedding like this was every woman’s dream. Olivia was awestruck, whereas Selena was green with envy, Jared was willing to spend so much money to hold a grand wedding for Ellen. If any woman could marry a man like him, she would die with no regrets.

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