My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1878

“Thanks for everything, Mr. Quarles, Josephine said gratefully. She had to acknowledge that the man had helped her a lot. “See you, Mr. Quarles! Stay safe!” Selena waved her hand elegantly. Ethan turned the car around and stared at Josephine for a few seconds before stepping on the gas pedal.

Josephine let out a sigh of relief, for she finally parted ways with the man. Just as she was ready to return to her villa, the other woman demanded resentfully from behind, “Stay right there!”

Hearing that, Josephine stopped in her tracks and turned around. Under the lamplights, Selena crossed her arms and glowered at her. “I’ve underestimated you, Josephine. I didn’t expect you to be so crafty. Ethan is the man I have my eyes on. How could you try to snatch him from me?”

Josephine was dumbfounded for a moment. “Are you saying that the man belongs to you just because you have your eye on him?” “Yes, that’s correct,” Selena replied unreasonably.

“Whatever you say. Either way, I won’t come into contact with Ethan again. I hope you’ll marry him sooner and give birth to his kids,” Josephine said rather sincerely. “You…” Selena, on the other hand, was incensed. She’s mocking me!

Josephine ignored her and tottered toward her house. As Selena looked at her from behind, she assumed that the woman was putting on an act. It was just a tactic to seduce Ethan. I have to do something about it.

Ethan soon returned to his villa, which was near Jared’s place. It was also a larger villa compared to the others. As he was seated on the couch, he realized that his mind was occupied by a certain woman.

Images of Josephine flashed across his mind like a movie. Her smile, her fury, her sharp tongue, her aggressiveness, her unreasonable side… All her shortcomings didn’t seem to matter, and he even found them interesting.

Damn it! That doesn’t sound good. The next morning, the wedding that the guests had been waiting for finally commenced.

At 6.00AM, a team of makeup artists arrived at the lounge beside the bride’s room, and it wasn’t until 7.30AM that they saw the bride. Ellen ensured that she had sufficient energy for the wedding. Presently, she was seated in front of the dressing table, allowing the makeup artists to put on suitable makeup for her..

Soon, Willow arrived as well. Since she was the bridesmaid, she had to look good too. “Good morning, Ellen.” Willow came over while wearing an oversized T-shirt. “Hi, Willy.” Ellen opened her eyes and flashed a smile at her.

The two of them had their makeup done at the same time as they talked about the interesting events that happened the night before. Soon, Anastasia arrived as well. As she looked at her daughter and daughter-in-law, her eyes were brimming with love.

She had already worn her makeup before arriving. Her wavy long hair hung loose behind her, and she gave off a noble vibe. Her age was a mystery, and she looked confident. What was more, it was apparent that she had a successful career.

No one could tell that she would be a grandmother soon. Even so, she’d be one of the most beautiful grandmothers out there.

They were done with their makeup by 9.00AM. Jared was already clad in a suit that made him look tall and confident. He even sprayed some golden powder in his black hair, which added a hint of charm to his already good-looking face.  He sat down beside Ellen, and just then, a staff member returned from getting a new pair of shoes. “Miss Reiss, please give them a try.”

“Alright.” Ellen dipped her head. “Let me do it.” Before the staff member could squat, Jared took the shoes and helped the woman put them on.

Ellen blushed slightly as her gaze was filled with happiness. The staff members around. them looked enviously at Ellen, thinking that she must have saved the world in her previous life to have found a loving husband like Jared.

After putting on the shoes, Ellen was satisfied. The shoes fit her feet perfectly, and the heels were not too high. She was reaching the fourth month of her pregnancy, and her belly was slightly bulging, so she had to take good care of herself.

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