My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1876

“Don’t go. Have a talk with me,” Ethan called out to her all of a sudden. Josephine turned around and demanded, “I charge a fee if you want to talk to me.” “Is that so? How much do you charge per minute?”

15,000. Josephine was trying to intimidate him. “Deal.” The man agreed to it. Hearing that, Josephine was stunned. Is he that wealthy?

She was just trying to deter him. Now that he had agreed to it, she didn’t want to do that. She frowned and said, “Forget it. I’m not interested in talking to you.”

“Have I ever offended you in any way?” Ethan was frustrated. “Mr. Quarles, if you want the company of women, there are a lot of ladies over there. I suppose Miss Aguirre is still around as well,” Josephine said.

“I only want to talk to you.” Ethan arched his brow. His dark gaze looked inscrutable. “I’ll pass.” With that, Josephine turned around and went up the steps. Since it was nighttime, she was unable to see clearly. Hence, she quickly lost her footing.

“Ah!” she exclaimed and fell to her knees. Much to her chagrin, her knees were wounded and started bleeding. “It hurts!” She gasped as her knees were swollen. It was too late for Ethan to save her. He went over and squatted. “Let me take a look.”

“You’re such a jinx! Bad things happen to me whenever I bump into you! Stay away from me!” Josephine held her knees and glared at him with teary eyes.

“How could you blame it on me when you were not careful while going up the steps?” Ethan felt wronged. “It’s all your fault!” Josephine just wanted to be unreasonable at that moment.

“Alright, consider it my fault. Do you need my help now, Miss Jacobson?” Ethan asked. It wouldn’t be easy for her to walk, after all.

Josephine wasn’t a frail woman, and she always considered herself to be tough. She grabbed the railing and said, “I don’t need your help. Go away. I can go back on my own.” “Why are you acting tough when you’re injured?”

Ethan found her rather stubborn. If she pleaded with him, he was willing to carry her to her villa. “Stop being nosy, Mr. Quarles. If you have nothing better to do, go home and sleep!” Josephine retorted.

“Forget it. I won’t settle the score with you,” Ethan said from behind. While Josephine was plodding up the steps, he approached her and lifted her off her feet all of a sudden.

“Hey! Put me down, Ethan!” Josephine didn’t need his help, nor did she want to be carried in such a way. Apart from her father, no other men had ever carried her like this before.

“Stop moving if you don’t want to fall. Stay still,” Ethan warned. Just then, Luke arrived at the place as he had decided to run after them earlier.

*Joey! Joey! Where are you?” Luke’s voice was getting closer. Eventually, he arrived at the steps where Josephine had fallen. When he saw two people on the walkway, he quickly raced after them.

Soon enough, he saw a towering man carrying a woman in his arms under the lamplights. Although he couldn’t make out the woman’s face, he recognized her slender legs and dress. It was apparent to him that the woman was Josephine.

“Put her down!” Luke rushed over in a fury. Dang it! How dare this b*stard snatch my girlfriend from me? He has crossed the line!

When Luke reached the two of them, he didn’t dare to snatch the woman from Ethan. Therefore, he raised his hand and demanded, “Put Joey down.”

Josephine didn’t expect Luke to come. At that moment, she felt bashful. She had to acknowledge that Ethan had a pair of strong arms. While in his embrace, she felt safe and comfortable.

Since her knees were injured, she couldn’t walk back to the villa. Therefore, if Luke didn’t come, she would’ve let Ethan send her back. Now that Luke was there, the situation was rather awkward. “She’s injured,” Ethan said coldly. “I’m sending her back.”

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