My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1875

When Ethan saw how excited and expectant Luke appeared, he knew that the man was going to confess to Josephine. As expected, Luke picked up a rose from the table and hid it behind him. Ethan’s lips curved into a playful smile when he saw that. He rose from the chair as well.

While walking in front, Josephine couldn’t help but be amazed by the beautiful lights. As she walked along the walkway, she soon moved further away from the bonfire and the clamorous crowd.

Finally, when she rounded a corner, she saw a resting area for the guests. The lights in this area were amazing too as they were soft- looking and romantic.

Behind her, Luke knew that he couldn’t miss the chance, so he called out to her, “Joey, why don’t we get some rest here? This place is pretty quiet.” Josephine dipped her head. When she saw a swing, she joyfully went over and sat on it.

Luke could finally use the rose he had been hiding behind him. All of a sudden, he fell to one knee and confessed to the woman with a loving expression. He declared, “Joey, you know I love you. Please be my girlfriend!”

Josephine was startled, not expecting the man to confess to her in such a serious manner. “Get up right away, Luke! What are you doing? Why can’t we just be friends?” Josephine said anxiously. “No! If you don’t agree to it, I will never get up!” replied Luke with determination written all over his face.

Josephine felt speechless, for Luke was an obstinate person. Over the past year, he had tried confessing to her in all sorts of ways, and she was left embarrassed every time. All of a sudden, a man was heard sneering. “Oh! You’d better not get up forever, then.”

Ethan’s tall figure emerged from the lights as he walked toward Josephine. When she saw the man, she was frustrated. Why does this man always appear when I’m in the middle of something?

“Mister, don’t you see me confessing to the woman I love? Can’t you show some respect and leave us alone?” Although Luke was still kneeling, he was visibly displeased.

Ethan loved destroying romantic moments like this. All of a sudden, he extended his hand and pulled Josephine up from the swing. An unsuspecting Josephine crashed into his embrace as the man wrapped his arm around her waist. “You!” Josephine was vexed. Why is he touching me again?

“Miss Jacobson, why don’t we witness this man’s true heart together? Let’s see if he’ll continue kneeling until the next morning.” With that, Ethan grabbed the woman’s arm and pulled her away. “Hey! Release me! You’re a b*stard, Ethan!”

“Don’t go, Joey! I’m serious!” Luke called out anxiously. At that moment, he wasn’t certain if he should run after them or continue kneeling. Meanwhile, Ethan dragged the woman to the other side of the walkway.

Josephine finally managed to struggle out of the man’s grip after exerting much force. While panting, she snapped. “Stop meddling in my affairs, Ethan!” “I saved you. Aren’t you supposed to thank me?” Ethan questioned with squinted eyes.

“Nobody asked you for help. What does it have anything to do with you, anyway?” Josephine had turned Luke down many times, so she knew what to do. As such, she didn’t need the man’s help.

On the contrary, she would be grateful if the man could stop bothering her. “Are you saying that if I hadn’t dragged you away, you would’ve agreed to be his girlfriend?” Ethan asked curiously.

“This is none of your business. At the very least, I know I will never get together with you.” Josephine snorted and adjusted her dress. A breeze whisked through her just then as her hair flapped in the air, which made her look charming. While she glanced at the sea, her profile was stunning.

Ethan was awestruck as he looked at her. She’s pretty attractive tonight. Finding the atmosphere depressing, Josephine looked around. Since she had decided to return to the villa, she chose a direction and was ready to leave.

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