My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1874

Josephine wanted to go back and get some rest, but when she recalled that she could move out of her house by staying at the party long enough, she decided to hold on.

She then sat among Luke’s friends. They had heard about Luke pursuing Josephine romantically, so they treated her politely. Also, they were aware that the woman had an influential grandfather, so they didn’t dare underestimate her.

“Joey, I heard there will be fireworks later. Why don’t we watch it together?” Luke thought that if he could stay by her side during such a romantic moment, they would create wonderful memories together.

Josephine responded with a smile and looked around. Inadvertently, she caught sight of a man who was seated at the farthest table. He was none other than Ethan.

He sat there on his own amidst the boisterous crowd. It was as though he was shrouded in a sense of loneliness. Coupled with the bonfire in the distance, he looked rather pitiful. Josephine frowned and thought that she might have crossed the line by slapping the man.

However, when she turned her head to look at him several minutes later, she realized the man was already surrounded by women. He’s a playboy, after all. I shouldn’t have taken pity on him!

When Luke realized that Josephine was looking in Ethan’s direction, he felt dejected. What’s going on? Does she fancy that man?

There was no doubt that Ethan was significantly more handsome, and he was six feet three inches tall. His bulging muscles showed that he worked out frequently, and he was charming enough to be the male lead in a movie.

Therefore, Luke could only derive his confidence from his wealth. He assumed that the man was just a poor model who was there to flirt with women. It was a wonder how the man even managed to come to the wedding.

“What are you looking at, Joey?” asked Luke deliberately. Josephine could only lie to him. “Nothing. I’m just looking at the night view.”

Selena wanted to go to Ethan’s side as well, but he was already surrounded by three women. It wasn’t like she could take a chair with her and sit down with them, for that would be rather degrading.

Although Ethan was surrounded by women, he wasn’t interested in any of them. In truth, they had beautiful faces and curvy figures, but they were not attractive to him.

On the other hand, he still couldn’t forget about the woman who slapped him in the face. What’s wrong with me? Why do I love feisty women like her instead of obedient ones?

“Mr. Handsome, please tell us your name. Let’s be friends!” The women around Ethan were all wealthy young ladies, so they were not shy when it came to chatting men up.

Ethan was one of the most good-looking men they had ever met, so it was only natural that they wanted to get to know him. “I’m sorry, but I’d like to be alone. Please leave now,” Ethan ordered. “What’s your contact number, Mr. Handsome?

We should grab a coffee someday.” “Are you deaf or something?” All of a sudden, Ethan’s gaze turned cold, and his tone was harsh. The ladies were shocked, not expecting the handsome man to have such a terrifying side.

“We’re sorry for bothering you.” The three of them left in a hurry as though they were running away from a disaster.

Engulfed in the lights, Ethan gave off an intimidating vibe. Just as he looked in Josephine’s direction, his expression changed. He was like a predator who was gaping at his prey.

Since Luke wanted to win Josephine’s heart, he decided to invite her to the walkway illuminated with lights. He thought it would be a romantic idea.

Moreover, he was planning on confessing to her. When he wooed the woman back then, she turned him down repeatedly. Given the bright stars in the sky and the relaxing atmosphere, Josephine might agree to be his girlfriend this time.

The deafening music made Josephine feel uncomfortable, so she wanted to go somewhere quiet. Therefore, she followed Luke to the walkway.

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