My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1873

Ethan was startled for a moment. He had done that subconsciously, not wanting the woman to leave. “I’m warning you-stop harassing me. I’m not interested in playboys like you,” Josephine said sternly. “Huh?” Ethan was puzzled as to why the woman suddenly accused him of being a playboy.

“Aren’t you a playboy? Do you think I have no idea that you made out with Miss Selena while sending her home last night? She told me that the two of you kissed, but you claim that you’ve only known her for several days. I’m kind enough not to say you’re promiscuous.” Josephine sneered and looked contemptuously at him. Upon finishing her words, she was ready to leave.

However, Ethan grabbed her arm all of a sudden. With his iron grip, he pulled the woman closer to him. An unsuspecting Josephine fell backward. As she exclaimed, the man wrapped his arm around her waist. Just like that, the two of them got into a somewhat awkward position. It was as though they had finished dancing and stopped for the last pose.

Instinctively, Josephine raised her hand and slapped the man’s handsome face. The man was dumbfounded. It never crossed his mind that Josephine would be the first person in his life to slap him in the face. While he was in a dazed state, Josephine pushed him away and stepped backward. “If you dare harass me again, I’ll call for help!”

With that, she left the place in a fury. Ethan held his reddened cheek, feeling frustrated. His gaze looked inscrutable as he traced the woman. At the same time, the urge to conquer the woman rose within him.

Instead of returning to Luke’s side, Josephine ordered a glass of cold water to calm herself down. Her hand still ached from slapping the man.

On the other hand, Luke had been asking around to find out about Ethan’s identity, but no one knew who the handsome man was. Someone guessed that Ethan was probably a model, for he had a fit figure and a good- looking face.

While Josephine was drinking water, a woman suddenly said through gritted teeth from behind, “Josephine, right? You’re such a scheming woman!”

Selena was there to find fault with her. Josephine turned to look at her without feeling surprised. She put down her glass and said, “Would you mind letting me explain, Miss Aguirre?”

“Why don’t you tell me about your relationship with Ethan?” Selena was eager to know the answer to that.

“We’re just strangers who have nothing to do with each other. With that, Josephine raised the hand she had used to slap the man. “Do you see this? I just slapped him in the face because he harassed me. Miss Aguirre, I suggest that you stay as far away from him as possible. He might be carrying STDs, you know.”

Selena was enraged by her words. What’s wrong with that? Does she have no regard for a handsome man like Ethan? What’s the point of her putting on an act?

“Stop playing tricks, Josephine. You want me to stay away from him so that you can have him to yourself, right? Well, I won’t fall for your dirty trick.” Selena believed that she had seen through the woman’s mind..

Josephine was startled for a moment. Realizing that she had failed to persuade Selena, she could only reply with a helpless. smile, “I’m not interested in him.”

“You don’t seem like a wealthy young lady. Do you think you’re beautiful? Let me tell you something-Ethan is out of your league!” Selena wanted to get her revenge by criticizing the woman. Hearing that, Josephine smiled nonchalantly. “I’m indeed an ordinary person.”

“In that case, why are you putting on an act? What gives you a sense of superiority? Are you trying to show off that you’re adept at seducing men?” Selena was getting increasingly agitated. Josephine found the woman ridiculous.

“Miss Aguirre, I don’t want to offend you, so we’d better stop right here. Bye.” Josephine refused to argue with the woman. She was a well-mannered lady, after all. Luke appeared just then and said, “This way, Joey. Come on, we’ve just started drinking. We’ll also be dancing later.”

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