My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1871

Although Ethan could only see the woman’s back, she had an impeccable figure. He wondered if her face looked just as attractive. As he grew curious, he walked toward Selena, hoping to see the woman’s face.

Selena felt her heart thumping in her chest when she saw the man approaching her, and she could barely conceal her excitement. Josephine didn’t expect Selena to ask the man to sit with them, so she said to the woman, “I’d better not be the third wheel, then.”

With that, she rose from the chair and turned around, facing the man directly. Under the lights, Ethan appeared doubtful. What? It’s her?! That’s impossible. She looked unkempt in the morning, but she looks so gorgeous at night.

Josephine pretended not to know him. Although she knew that Ethan was staring at her, she ignored him and hurriedly left the place. Ethan was rooted to the spot for a few seconds before feeling displeased. What the hell?! Why is she pretending not to know me?

Hey!” he called out while turning around. Josephine stopped in her tracks with a frustrated expression. Why did he call out to me? Isn’t he supposed to go on a date with that woman?

Ethan tucked one hand into his pocket and shuffled toward Josephine before sneering. “What’s wrong? Don’t you know me anymore?”

Upon seeing that, Selena was astounded. It never crossed her mind that Ethan and Josephine knew each other. She flushed and glared resentfully at Josephine, wondering why the woman lied to her.

On the other hand, Josephine was extremely embarrassed. She told Selena that she didn’t know Ethan, but the man exposed her lie. Hence, it was only natural that she was vexed. She crossed her arms and questioned, ‘Do I know you, mister?”

Just then, Luke discovered Josephine and ran toward her excitedly. “Hi, Joey!” Upon registering the man’s presence, Josephine flashed a smile at him, hoping that he would get her out of trouble.

Luke was astonished when he saw how. beautiful Josephine looked. It was his first time seeing her all dressed up. “You look fabulous, Joey! Your dress and makeup make a huge difference!” Luke complimented the woman while approaching her. When he caught sight of Ethan, he snapped. “Hey, will you stop harassing my girlfriend?”

Ethan furrowed his brows. “Me, harassing your girlfriend?” “Ignore him, Joey. My friends are over there. Let’s go. Luke wanted to drape his arm around Josephine’s shoulders, but she dexterously dodged it. Left with no choice, he retracted his hand with a smile.

Ethan watched Josephine leave as his amber eyes appeared conflicted. When he came to his senses, he saw Selena approaching him. Selena happened to see the man looking at Josephine’s figure. Her heart sank while she felt infuriated. She’s such a scheming woman! She knows Ethan, but she lied to me about it. What is she trying to achieve? Does she want to snatch Ethan from me?

“Have a seat, Mr. Quarles,” Selena said with a smile. “I’m sorry. I’m going to sit with my friends.” Ethan didn’t want to sit beside Selena. He had previously sent her back to her villa because she was the bride’s relative, but it didn’t mean he was interested in her.

He could live his life peacefully since he wouldn’t engage in any ambiguous relationships or give the other party false hope. “Mr. Quarles, I feel bored on my own. Why don’t I join you guys as well?” Selena asked with a sweet smile.

“I’m sorry, but my friend is a woman. I’m worried she’ll be jealous,” Ethan replied, signaling for the woman not to approach him. Selena flushed in embarrassment and forced a smile. “Alright. I hope you’ll have a great night.”

After the man was gone, Selena appeared disappointed and displeased. At the same time, she looked furiously in Josephine’s direction, believing the woman was why she failed to approach Ethan.

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