My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1867

“We’ve been wondering when we’d see you, Ellie. You’re gorgeous! Come on in!” Olivia still greeted Ellen with a zestful smile. “Yeah. Please come in,” Connor said.

However, Ellen shook her head. “I won’t be going in. I’m just here to take a look at you. If you need anything, you can contact the staff members here. They’ll assist you.”

All of a sudden, Olivia wanted to take Ellen’s hand, but the bodyguard raised his hand and stopped the woman from approaching. In an instant, Olivia’s face stiffened. She’s put on airs, huh?

Jared had told the bodyguards to stop the Aguirres from approaching Ellen. She was pregnant, after all, and he was worried that the Aguirres might accidentally hurt her.

“Is this how you treat us now, Ellen? With all the bodyguards around you?” Selena snorted, feeling displeased over her mother’s treatment. “Don’t say that, Lena!” Connor scolded.

Ellen didn’t tell them that she was pregnant, and it was indeed inappropriate for Olivia to try pulling her. “I’ll take my leave now, Uncle Connor.” With that, Ellen turned around and walked toward the car.

After she was gone, Olivia’s face fell. “It’s just as I expected. Since she’s wealthy now, she no longer regards us as relatives.” On the other hand, Selena’s gaze was full of determination, Ellen’s noble demeanor had agitated her. At that moment, she decided to get the man she had bumped into the other night at all costs. A joyful Connor said, “Ellie looks so elegant and noble now.”

“So what? She looks down on relatives like us now.” Olivia snorted. The wedding would be held the next day, so the entire island was filled with a blissful atmosphere. Wedding decorations could be seen everywhere, and all the guests felt at home.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Josephine was drinking coffee. Seeing that she was still vexed, Luke appeased her by saying, “Joey, why don’t I teach that man a lesson for bullying you? Perhaps you’ll feel better that way.”

Josephine shook her head. “I offended him first.” Luke was attracted to Josephine as she spaced out. The woman had a conflicting temperament; she looked obedient while spacing out, but aggressive and full of energy when she worked.

What was more, whenever she blew her top or argued with other people, she was mean and willful, but she also appeared confident at the same time.

More often than not, Luke felt that he could never have any control over the woman, and that was what made her attractive. He had the urge to conquer her and make her his.

Furthermore, even though her grandfather was retired, he was still influeritial. “I have to work now.” With that, Josephine rose. from the chair and left.

Luke ran after her and said, “Do you want to go to the beach, Joey? The water is clear. Why don’t we take a stroll?” “There’s no need for that. I’m swamped with work.” Josephine came up with an excuse and headed to the pedestrian walkway.

As soon as she rounded a corner, she saw a fancy convertible charging toward her. She was so shocked that she stood rooted to the spot. Her face paled in an instant, and her soul almost left her body. Damn it! Who would drive a car on the pedestrian walkway?!

“Joey!” Luke rushed over and pulled her back. The man in the convertible immediately stepped on the brake pedal, after which their eyes met.

“It’s you!” When Josephine came to her senses, she was infuriated. So what if he has a convertible? He’s not supposed to be driving on the pedestrian walkway!

“You again!” Ethan took off his sunglasses and revealed his chiseled face before looking at her mockingly. “Do you even have a driver’s license? If you had crashed into my girlfriend, I would’ve never let you off!” Luke promptly defended the woman.

“Huh? Has she even agreed to be your girlfriend yet?” Ethan arched his brow.

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