My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1866

Josephine bit her lip while flushing in embarrassment. Luke looked sympathetically at her and placated her by saying, “Ignore him, Joey.” Not wanting to run anymore, Josephine let out a sigh and said, ‘Let’s grab a drink or two.”

Instantly, Luke was elated. It seems that being persistent is useful, after all. Presently, Josephine was in a terrible mood. She couldn’t blame anyone for the humiliation as she had asked for it.

On the other hand, Ethan was returning to the villa. As he looked out the window and took in the view along the road, he couldn’t help but recall the woman he had just taught a lesson.

For some reason, he was pleased. Rarely anyone could affect him emotionally, but the woman was an exception.

Jared called him just then and invited him to his place. Therefore, he turned the steering wheel and went over. When he arrived, he bumped into a young woman who was coming from a different direction. He curled his lips and called out amiably, “Willy”

“Ethan!” Willow approached him with a smile. ‘We haven’t met for quite a while. Have you grown taller?” Ethan asked with a smile. “I think so!” Willow was now five-foot-four, which was tall enough for a woman.

Although her father wanted her to grow to five- foot-five, she just couldn’t manage to achieve that. Anyway, she was just as tall as her mother.

“Do you have a girlfriend now, Ethan?” Willow asked, liking gossip about other’s love life. A helpless Ethan shook his head. “No woman is interested in me.”

“There are many beautiful ladies around here. Why don’t I arrange some dates for you? I’m sure you’ll find a girlfriend in no time.” Willow didn’t believe his words at all. Since he was a brilliant man, he must be fastidious when it came to women.

“You’re as mischievous as ever!’ Ethan guffawed. Since he didn’t have a sister, he regarded Jared’s sister to be his own. Every time he met the woman, he had the urge to tease her. “Stop teasing him, Willy.” Anastasia appeared just then. Ethan greeted politely, “Hi, Miss Tillman.”

Anastasia responded with a smile. “Come on in.” “I’ll make the arrangements right away, Ethan!” Willow said cheekily. As expected, Ethan turned around nervously. “Alright, I’ll give you a gift later. Stop messing with me. Go out and play.”

Since Willow would be receiving a present, her eyes brightened. ‘Sure. I’ll be waiting for your gift.” “Where are you going, Willy?” Anastasia asked. “I’m going to the beach.”

“Don’t wear revealing swimwear and be cautious,” Anastasia reminded. “I got it, Mom.” Willow waved her hand and left the place.

Meanwhile, a car pulled up in front of Connor’s villa. A bodyguard left the vehicle and opened the car door before a woman in a light yellow dress revealed herself.

Her fluffy pleated dress was made from silk, and her lacy sleeves added a hint of romance to her appearance. Her long wavy hair was loosely tied with a simple hairband. What was more, her silky hair made her skin glow.

After the bodyguard pressed the doorbell, Connor came over and greeted them, followed by Olivia and Selena. As they looked at the woman outside the gates, they were shocked.

The woman was none other than Ellen. However, she now looked like a princess who had stepped out of a medieval castle and arrived at their door in a fancy dress..

Connor quickly opened the gates, exclaiming, “Hi, Ellie!” “How are you, Uncle Connor? Have you gotten used to the place?” Ellen asked. Behind him, Olivia and Selena felt their emotions undulating in their hearts. Selena was especially green with envy when she saw how elegant and noble Ellen looked.

On the other hand, Olivia regretted treating Ellen badly in the past. If she had been kinder to her, would she share some of her happiness now? Nonetheless, what was done couldn’t be undone. It would be laughable if she even tried to make up for her mistakes.

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