My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1861

When Josephine saw the man going through the photos, she flushed. I shouldn’t have come to this place! “Are you a paparazzo? Which company do you work for?”

“I’m not a paparazzo; I’m a reporter, Josephine refuted. Ethan sneered. If she’s not a paparazzo, why did she take sneak photos of me? What a liar!

He then started deleting the photos. When he was done with that, he tossed the camera back to her. “Don’t let me catch you doing this again.” To him, Josephine was just a peeping Tom.

“Hey… I really didn’t mean to take photos of you.” Josephine patted the sand away and got to her feet. The next moment, she squatted, realizing that she had twisted her ankle.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed and looked at the man in front of her. Ethan took a sip of water and was ready to go. back. He had a beach buggy with him. “Hey, mister. Can you give me a lift? I sprained my ankle, Josephine pleaded.

“No.” Ethan turned her down directly. I’m a guest at the wedding too. Will you please lend me a helping hand?” Josephine asked politely.

Ethan entered the beach buggy and shot her a look. “Don’t try to use this trick to approach me. I’m not interested in women like you.” He then stepped on the gas pedal and left.

Josephine was dumbfounded upon hearing. that. Although he’s handsome, he’s too narcissistic. Do I look like I want to approach him?

Although she felt like crying, she could only pick up her camera and stood up with difficulty. No longer in the mood to take photos, she dialed the number the driver had given her and waited for someone to pick her up.

Meanwhile, Ethan had returned to his villa. He was still displeased with the woman for taking sneak photos of him, so he had no qualms about leaving her on the beach, even though her ankle was sprained.

On the beach near the villas, Selena was having fun. Her curvy figure caught a lot of attention. Middle-aged men especially loved staring at her. Selena knew that the men sitting under the umbrellas, regardless of their appearances, were all wealthy.

These men were worth billions, respectively, which was why she had to show them she had an attractive figure.

A moment later, she approached a decent- looking middle-aged man and asked for a cold drink. As she took a sip, she threw flirtatious glances at him.

The guests were all restrained, for they didn’t want to cause any trouble before the wedding. Until evening, Selena still hadn’t managed to get any contact number from the men.

Anyway, it was only the first day, and the wedding was still three days away. Furthermore, she could stay there for a week, so she still had plenty of time.

The moment she returned to the villa, she saw Josephine getting out of the sightseeing car. As their eyes met, Selena was surprised to learn. that the woman who had argued with her mother stayed in the house beside theirs..

When Heidi saw her daughter tottering into the house, she was shocked. She promptly passed her a hot towel and reminded her not to leave the house before recovering.

Josephine decided to obey her mother and recuperate in the house. In the meantime, Selena told her mother about Selena and Heidi staying in the villa beside theirs. A displeased Olivia said, “I don’t think they’re wealthy. Just look at their bags, which are worth less than 1,500 respectively. They’re probably some poor people who shamelessly. came to the wedding without an invitation.”

Upon finishing her words, Olivia was startled for a moment, for she was also that kind of person. She quickly said, “We’re different, though. We’re Ellen’s relatives, so they can’t compare to us.”

Connor frowned. “Just keep your mouth shut, will you? They’re also guests, just like us. Please stop embarrassing Ellie.” Olivia snapped. ‘Why did you even bring her up?

We’ve been here for quite a while, but she has never come over and greeted us. Does she regard us as her seniors at all?” “Ellie is busy, which is why she doesn’t have time to visit us,” said Connor, defending Ellen.

Olivia snorted. “Connor, you’re just refusing to admit that we’re no different from outsiders to Ellen now.”

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