My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1860

How dare he lie to me?! I already know that the security at the wedding is top-notch. Even if a robber is indeed going to sneak into the venue, he won’t have the guts to steal anything. The elites of different fields have gathered in this place, so they can easily capture the robber.

At that moment, Josephine was no longer in the mood to work. All the same, she just couldn’t stay put and do nothing. Since the beach was so crowded, she decided not to go there. She wanted to go somewhere quiet and take some photos. After all, she was also an amateur photographer in her spare time.

She hopped onto a sightseeing car and said to the driver, “Please take me to somewhere quiet and beautiful. I’d like to take some photos.”

“I know a place that few people are aware of. I can take you there.”

“Yeah, sure. Thanks.” They moved along the beach, taking about 20 minutes to arrive at their destination. Finally, the driver pointed at the railings and said, “Just go over there. Rarely anyone will come to this area, and the view is terrific. There’s also a smaller island beside the main island.”

“Thank you so much for taking me here!” “When you want to go back, just dial this number. Someone will come over and pick you up.”

Josephine quickly took a photo of the contact number and bid the driver farewell. As she took a stroll around the area, she couldn’t help but be amazed by the view. It was indeed a naturally aesthetic sight.

She lifted her camera and took some photos. As she walked along the beach, she suddenly caught sight of a living creature.

Oh, my gosh! Is that a mermaid?! An excited Josephine looked in the sea’s direction. Just then, a well-built figure emerged from the sea amidst the waves.

She hurriedly zoomed in with the camera in her hands and focused on a handsome face. Her pupils dilated. Whoa! That’s a merman, not a mermaid!

The man’s chiseled face was covered with water droplets. It was apparent that he was a biracial man with both local and foreign. lineages. He was the epitome of the best of both worlds.

He’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen! Josephine couldn’t help but take photos of him sneakily. She focused on the man’s face and pressed the shutter repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the man had already come out of the sea. He had well built muscles, defined abs, and an attractive Adonis belt. As the lens lowered, Josephine gulped. The man was only clad in swim trunks, and his package was bulging.

While walking on the beach, Ethan caught sight of camera flashes, which prompted him to look in that direction. The moment the lens moved to the man’s face, Josephine shuddered in shock, for she realized that the handsome man was staring at her.

Damn it! I’m caught red-handed! She didn’t want to be regarded as a pervert, so she turned around and ran away. However, since she was running on a narrow path, she accidentally lost her footing and fell onto the beach. “Ah!”

At that moment, she was unable to get up, and the dazzling sunlight made her close her eyes. Suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. When she opened her eyes, she saw a man looking down at her while clad only in a towel. He squinted his eyes and stared at her.

“Hi!” Although Josephine was a mess, she forced a smile and greeted the man. “Do you love taking photos of men so much?” Ethan was displeased with the woman for taking photos of him without his consent.

If the woman uploaded the photos to some porn sites, his reputation would be ruined. Moreover, it wasn’t the first time he caught some paparazzi doing that.

He was only clad in swim trunks that day, so the woman had violated his privacy by taking. photos of him. Therefore, he had to capture the culprit.

Josephine sat up at once and explained, “Please don’t get me wrong, mister. I’m just taking photos of the view around here.” Ethan picked up the camera from the floor and went through the photos.

What a liar! Six out of ten photos are me! Furthermore, she has taken photos of me from head to toe, including my package. What makes her think I’ll believe her?

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