My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1859

Josephine could only placate her mother by saying, ‘Let’s go, Mom!” “I’m sorry! My wife was in a hurry.” Connor appeared just then and apologized to them. Selena took her mother’s hand and glared at Josephine and Heidi. “Let’s go, Mom!”

The two of them then crossed the bridge that connected the dock and the cruise ship. Behind them, Connor was astonished, not expecting Ellen’s wedding to be on such a big island. “Look over there, Lena! The row of cruise ships is impressive!” Olivia said to her daughter and took photos with her phone.

“It seems that we’re in the right place, Mom.” Selena was excited. She wasn’t interested in Ellen’s wedding; she was there to look for a decent man to marry. All the male guests in attendance were wealthy. If she could marry one of them, that would be a life-changing event for her, and she was there to change her fate.

After crossing the bridge, they were greeted by cars that were meant to pick up the guests.. Olivia was amazed by the row of cars. “These are all Rolls-Royces! Never in my life have I dreamed about getting into one of these cars!”

The three of them then entered the vehicle. The view along the road was magnificent. Although Selena appeared calm, she was more excited than her parents. She wasn’t there for the view but for the men.

Upon arriving at a villa, the driver helped them get their luggage into the house. “Your suitcases are all inside the house. Have a great day, Mr. Aguirre.”

“Thanks,” Connor said. After the driver left and closed the gates, Olivia immediately entered the villa. “Oh, my gosh! All the villas face the sea! It’s wonderful!” Meanwhile, Selena ran to the balcony on the third floor and looked at the beach where the guests were taking a stroll or swimming in the sea. She was eager to mingle with them.

She quickly opened her suitcase and fished out her best-looking swimwear. After changing into it, she also put on a gauze jacket. Then, she told her parents, ‘I’m going to the beach now.”

Connor reminded her by saying, “Be careful!” “Got it,” Selena replied and left the house. On the other hand, Olivia sat down and looked at the interior of the villa. She also ordered food delivery and waited for her meal to arrive.

In the meantime, Josephine and her mother entered the villa beside Connor’s. Since Mills was swamped with work, only the two of them. were there to attend the wedding this time.

Josephine’s grandfather used to be an influential figure in the political scene. Although. he no longer held any important position, he was still powerful in Averna. Although Josephine was born into such a family, the Jacobsons were less mighty than they used to be.

“Get some rest, Mom. I’ll take a walk,” Josephine said to her mother, feeling vexed. While the others happily attended the wedding, she was there for work.

She picked up her camera and was ready to gather some information. Her team leader called her just then. After the call connected, she said, “Hello, Mr. Fox.”

“Hey, Joey! Would you mind taking some photos of the wedding venue so that we will have some news to report?” “No one is allowed to take photos here.” Josephine turned him down.

“Just one photo will do, alright? The director has been mounting pressure on us,” said Mr. Fox in a threatening tone. Josephine let out a breath. “I don’t want to tarnish my family’s reputation. Otherwise, my grandpa will kill me. I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”

“Why are you so obstinate? Just take some photos and send them to us. No one will find out you took the photos,” Mr. Fox said.

“No.” “I don’t care. Once the wedding is over, I want to see the photos within six hours. Mr. Fox hung up the call upon finishing his words. A speechless Josephine walked forward in a particular direction.

All of a sudden, she had a feeling that the team leader had lied about the infamous robber. She had been conned into coming to the wedding to take some photos.

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