My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1858

“Why have you chosen me, though?” “This can’t be helped. Only your family is wealthy enough to be invited to the wedding. Do you know how difficult it is to get into the venue? The place is heavily guarded.” “In that case, why would a robber be able to sneak into it?”

“He’s an infamous robber with the most advanced equipment and impeccable skills, after all. Furthermore, many people are going to attend the wedding, so some mistakes are inevitable. Anyway, it’s just a piece of information that hasn’t been verified. Just go there and play it by ear.” Josephine replied listlessly, “Got it.””

After the call ended, she lay back down on the chair and slumbered off again. At the airport of the island where the wedding would be held, there were many planes from all over the world. It was the third airport that was in operation. Presently, an aircraft emerged from the clouds and swirled around above the island. Around 15 minutes later, it landed on the floor safely.

There was a unique totem on the plane that represented a powerful family. Soon, a tall and handsome man elegantly walked down the ladder.

Instead of putting on his coat, he grabbed it in his hand. His black shirt made him look mysterious and charming. “Welcome, Mr. Quarles.” Several people came over and greeted him.

Ethan nodded and took a look at his wristwatch. Fortunately, I arrived just in time. He then got into a car and headed straight to the wedding.

Not long after he entered the villa, Jared came looking for him in a beach buggy. Since they were best friends, they greeted each other as usual, which involved fist-bumping and teasing one another. “You look so different in a wedding suit. Been very happy, eh?”

“If you’re envious, get yourself a girlfriend.” As Jared looked at the man’s bulging muscles under his shirt, he couldn’t help but thump his chest. “We haven’t met for half a year, and you’ve become more muscular!”

Ethan struck the other party’s chest as well. “I thought you’d slack off since you mostly stay in an office. You’re just as fit as ever!”


After the greetings, they smiled at each other. Although they were not related by blood, they were just as close as brothers. “Where’s your wife? You haven’t introduced her to me yet.” Ethan poured two cups of water and passed one to his friend. “You’ll see her during dinner. She can’t move around since there are too many people.”

“Why?” “I’m a dad now.” Ethan looked enviously at him. ‘That’s quite some progress, huh?” A happy smile formed on Jared’s face. He felt nothing but content at that moment.

Certainly, Ethan was pleased that his best friend had found the right woman. He was envious of the man for his bravery to get married, for he didn’t have the confidence to do the same. “Have all the guests arrived?”

“Most of them have arrived, but some of them. are on their way,” Jared replied. Meanwhile, after a cruise ship stopped at the dock, the guests started leaving the vessel. A wealthy-looking woman took her daughter’s hand and came out of the ship. Just then, a pair of excited mother and daughter crashed into the wealthy lady, causing her to bump into the railing. She turned around and snapped, “Hey! What’s wrong with you? Watch where you’re going!”

“Do you think it’s your home or something? Why can’t we cross over?” Olivia whirled around and retorted. Although she had indeed bumped into the woman, she didn’t think she had done anything wrong.

“You’re unreasonable!” The wealthy lady glared at her. Seeing that her mother was incensed, Josephine quickly appeased her. “Forget it, Mom.”

“Why should I forget it? I can’t believe there is such a mannerless person in the world. Not only does she refuse to apologize, but she’s also unreasonable.”

Olivia had always been hot-tempered, so she instantly blew her top upon hearing that. After all, she had lived a luxurious life for a long time. She snorted. “So what if I refuse to apologize?”

An infuriated Heidi said to her daughter, “I thought only well-mannered and important. people were allowed to attend the wedding. Surprisingly, there’s a guest like her!”

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