My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1857

The fine sand on the beach was soft, and it felt comfortable to step on it. Jared held Ellen’s hand and walked along the beach with her as they looked at the ships in the distance and the azure sky. It was wonderful to just feel the breeze and space out there.

Elliot and Anastasia stayed in the villa where they used to live after their wedding. They had personally decorated this house, so it was a meaningful place to them.

Now, they had to prepare for their son’s wedding. They couldn’t help but feel that time indeed passed by quickly. If there was a person one could love deeply and stay loyal to, their life would be well-lived.

In the evening, the four of them had dinner together. Ellen was pleased to listen to the love story of Elliot and Anastasia. She felt that the love between them was romantic and terrific. It was no wonder that Anastasia still looked young and charming, for she had a doting. husband.

On a flatland near the North Pole, a helicopter rose into the sky and flew toward the airport. The man in the backseat had a hat on, drawing focus to his facial features with his hair out of the way.

Although it was apparent that he was biracial, he looked more local than foreign. Like a fashion model, he was tall, well-built, and delicate. As the snow reflected the sunlight on his frame of six feet three inches, he looked like a perfect man straight out of a romance novel.

Just like Mr. Perfect described in any romance novel, he was good-looking, wealthy, and assertive. After all, he was the only son of the Arcane Group’s chairman and Jared’s best friend. His name was Ethan Quarles.

Presently, he was returning to his home country to attend his friend’s wedding. He was also going to be the best man. The moment he boarded the plane, all the flight attendants were smitten with him and eager to serve him.

A flight attendant was even brave enough to pass him her contact number while delivering a glass of red wine to him. She also threw flirtatious glances at him.

With a smile, Ethan picked up the glass of wine but refused to take the piece of paper with her contact number written on it. Embarrassed, the flight attendant left in a hurry with the tray.

The man was so charming that they were eager to win his heart at all costs. Nevertheless, regardless of how hard they tried to seduce the man during the flight, none of them succeeded, for they discovered that the handsome man wasn’t interested in them. In truth, Ethan had turned down countless women who had thrown themselves at him before. Ever since reaching adulthood, he had been the dream man of all women.

Meanwhile, in Averna, Jared’s wedding was only three days away. In a tranquil yard, a woman who was asleep with a book placed over her face was awakened by her phone’s ringtone. While in a groggy state, she rubbed her eyes and took a look before picking it up in frustration. ‘Hi, Mr. Fox.”

“Josephine, I have an urgent task for you.” “I worked overtime last night and only went home after 12.00AM. I’m not taking up any task!” “Has your father been invited to Jared Presgrave’s wedding?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?” “I’ve learned from a secret source that the police have discovered that an infamous robber is going to sneak into the venue. A serious robbery case might happen. Therefore, I want you to go there and gather as much information as possible. That will be big news.”

“But my dad isn’t taking me to the wedding.” Josephine could only lie to him. She had been working overtime almost every day as of late, so she was in dire need of rest.

“Beg your father to take you to the wedding. This is an important task, so you mustn’t disappoint me. You’re about to be promoted, so you have to show the higher-ups your capabilities. Isn’t becoming a host your dream? Work harder and you’ll realize your dream.”

“If my memory serves me right, it’s the ninth time you’ve promised to promote me this year. You’re getting better at giving false hope, eh?” Josephine retorted matter-of-factly.

“Work harder and your dream will come true one day. Go and tell your father to take you with him. You must bring back some useful information!”

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