My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1856

While Connor went out to make the call, the mother and daughter gazed at each other, and Selena said while biting her lip, I’m going no matter what.” “We’ll just sneak over if she won’t let us attend. The most important thing is to get on the island.”

“Mom, we’re not just going there to enjoy ourselves. The most important thing is that the world’s richest people will be attending the wedding. As if I’ll ever need to be a server again if I can befriend a few of them!” Selena’s confidence suddenly returned. She believed her identity as the bride’s cousin was enough to keep up the appearance.

Outside of the house, Connor still shamelessly called Ellen after taking a drag. It rang for seven seconds before Ellen’s voice finally came through. “Hello? Uncle Connor?”

“Ellie, I’m not calling at a bad time, am I?”

“No.” “I got your wedding invitation. Congratulations. Your parents would’ve been happy for you too.” “Thank you, Uncle.” “Ellie, is your wedding set on an island?”

“Yes, it’s an island. Someone will come and pick you up on that day,” Ellen mentioned.

“In that case, can I ask that you let your Aunt Olivia and Lena come with me? They really want to attend your wedding, Connor bit the bullet and asked.

However, Ellen knew Olivia and Selena too well to know that they certainly didn’t want to attend her wedding to give her their blessing but only to enjoy themselves.

“Ellie, we’ve never really been anywhere, and I kind of want to show your aunt the world. Do you suppose. “Alright, bring them along.” Ellen decided to look beyond. After all, she wouldn’t be seeing them.

anymore after the wedding, and it was merely an issue of adding two more seats. Connor was touched. This is exactly why Ellen’s luckier than my girl. She’s worthy of it. “Thank you, Ellie,” Connor said gratefully. “Alright, I’ll see you on the wedding day. I have to go now.”

“Alright, see you then.” Connor hung up at that, then heaved a sigh of relief. When he went back into the house, he found two pairs of eager eyes staring at him.

“Can I go, Dad?” Selena asked. Meanwhile, Ellen’s generosity came to Connor’s mind as he gazed at his wife and daughter. “Ellie said yes.” He nodded. “Yes! Holiday on an island, here I come!” Selena exulted, forgetting whose coattail she was riding on for a moment.

Olivia, too, heaved a sigh of relief. Life hadn’t been kind to her nowadays, so it was great that she could escape this hell for a moment.

What was more, it was an all-expenses paid trip, and she would get to witness a super rich’s wedding. Of course, she knew Ellen would be the happiest bride in the world that day.

The wedding was getting prepared in an intense but orderly manner. In order to help Ellen adapt to the weather and lifestyle on the island, Jared decided to bring her there two weeks in advance, and because the young woman had a poor appetite, four chefs were brought along with them, dedicated to taking care of Ellen’s diet.

With that, Ellen would be living her last days as a bachelorette on the island. Her wedding and evening gowns would be tried on by her on the island itself so that she could be entirely relaxed before the wedding.

Elliot and Anastasia would be joining them, naturally. Willow, however, would only be joining her family later as she had an academic exchange course to attend.

For Ellen to travel comfortably, the Presgraves deployed their largest private jet, and the following morning, Ellen sat in the lavish cabin with Jared by her side as they flew for an hour.

The next time she stepped on the ground, the weather had become super pleasant, and Ellen thought spring was in the air. At that, she spread her arms to feel the breeze, then looked up at Jared. “I love it here!”

“We’ll stay here as long as you like,” Jared said with a smile, then held her hand and took her to the waiting vehicle, which took them straight to the villas.

By the time they arrived, their luggage had been delivered and sorted out by the housekeepers. After lunch, Ellen eagerly changed into a dress and headed to the beach.

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