My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1853

Even if the media wouldn’t report on the wedding, it would still be the grandest and the most luxurious wedding. After the wedding service agency was certain of the wedding venue, they would provide the young couple with several proposals. As for the details, it would entirely be left for them to decide.

In the afternoon, they went to a bridal shop accompanied by Anastasia. Averna had the world’s top-of-the-line bridal shop; any brand they desired could be found there.

As Ellen and Willow were close in age, they went through the catalog together, with Willow providing suggestions and Ellen making the final call. In the end, they decided on four sets of wedding gowns and eight evening dresses. As for the jewelry, Anastasia’s company would be responsible for providing the best of the best.

As they only had a month to prepare for the wedding, anything that had to be decided early” on was decided then.

Jared had to make a trip to the company later in the afternoon, so he left his soon-to-be wife with his mother and sister, giving them at chance to shop and have afternoon tea.

It was true when they said women had more to talk about when they were together. Later, Willow held Ellen’s arm as they followed Anastasia into a tea house.

“Wel… come.” One of the two attendants who stood at the entrance stiffened instantly, for it was none other than Selena. The young woman had gotten a job as an attendant at the tea house.

Never did she expect to bump into Ellen just two days into her new job, and it made her absolutely embarrassed. Looking at the beautiful girl holding Ellen’s arm and the elegant woman, she mused, They must be the Presgraves.

At that, she sized Anastasia up. Can she be the wife of Presgrave Group’s Chairman? Intense envy flashed across Selena’s eyes at that. Ellen has become the Presgraves’ daughter- in-law, hasn’t she?!

Ellen, on the other hand, didn’t say hi either when she saw Selena looking away. It wasn’t until the trio went further into the tea house that Selena let out a murky breath, feeling incredibly exasperated.

She had only looked for a job because she couldn’t stand the pressure Olivia inflicted on her. She dreaded the fact that she might run into someone familiar. However, this tea house paid well, so she decided to take the job.

She couldn’t help taking a peek and found the trio took the table by the floor-to-ceiling window with Ellen’s back facing her. “Selena, come and attend to the customers,” the manager beckoned.

Selena’s job was originally to welcome the guests into the tea house, but working here, she still had to do whatever the manager wanted her to.

“Ma’am.” “Pour some water for the table over there,” demanded the manager as she pointed to Ellen’s table. “I… Can I not do it?” Selena asked reluctantly.

“What did you say? The manager thought she heard wrong. She couldn’t believe a new employee dared to bargain with her. Seeing that the manager turned grim, Selena knew she could only bite the bullet. “Okay, I’ll go.”

Ellen and Willow were discussing what to order when Selena came to their table, and Ellen met Selena’s gaze as soon as she looked up. Selena, on the other hand, pretended not to have seen Ellen but only poured her some. water.

Meanwhile, Ellen thought her uncle’s burden would lessen now that Selena was willing to take up a job. At that, she pushed her cup closer to Selena to make it easier to pour the water.

“Ellen, you can pick whatever jewelry you want from my mom’s company,” said Willow, and Anastasia echoed, ‘Yeah. I’ll send you the catalog later. Pick as many sets as you like.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Ellen smiled. “Ellen, you’ll have to pick at least ten sets. Don’t forget you have eight evening gowns!” Willow suggested.

Of course, Selena heard the whole thing, and her jealousy made her absent-minded, causing her to overspill the water by accident. As the water flowed to Anastasia’s leg, she stood up and took a step back reflexively before looking toward this attendant serving them.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am!” Spooked, Selena hurriedly grabbed some napkins to wipe Anastasia down. Meanwhile, Anastasia glanced at the manager, who was standing not far away, and the latter hurriedly approached her. “I am so sorry, ma’am. What’s the matter with you, Selena?! Hurry up and apologize to the customer!”

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