My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1852

“The girl the Aguirres asked us to pull some strings and sent abroad for studies wasn’t Ellie but their own daughter. They gave her the best of everything but left Ellie under the care of a great-aunt. Not only did they neglect her, but they wouldn’t even give her a single penny.”

Jared’s narrative shocked and angered Anastasia. The person who donated their heart was Ellen’s brother. Hence, given the young woman’s kinship, she could get at least half of the money. The Aguirres are unbelievable!

“How can they be so selfish?!” Willow, too, was beside herself with fury. Elliot, on the other hand, sighed and blamed himself. “It’s our fault for not seeing things to the end back then. We shouldn’t have only given. them money but be more attentive to their well- being.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry you had to suffer, Ellie. Rest assured; we won’t let anyone upset you ever again, Anastasia promised as she held Ellen’s hand.

“Ellen, if anyone dares bully you again, bring it up with Jared. Have him fight back,” Willow echoed, causing a chuckle to escape Ellen as she said, “Sure, as you say.” Jared, too, beamed. “Willow’s right.”

“Still, Ellie’s a tough girl and also outstanding. I’m sorry this happened to you.” Anastasia gazed at Ellen with an aching heart. She was aware that the Aguirres struggled to make ends meet back then. Hence, they gave the family 15 million one shot in hopes that it would change things.

Lo and behold, the Aguirres took the money for themselves and even sent the sister of their savior away. Their actions were absolutely outrageous. It was evident how miserable a life Ellen lived.

“Mom, Dad, let’s just leave the past behind. Meeting Jared and becoming a part of this family is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Ellen treasured everything she had now and was grateful to the heavens for letting her meet the Presgraves.

“Yes.’ Anastasia blinked her teary eyes and nodded with a smile. ‘This is the heavens’ best- laid plan.” “I promise you, Ellen, Jared will make you the happiest woman in the world,” Willow assured.

Ellen was touched. This is the best blessing. It was already 8.30PM before they knew it, so Anastasia had Jared take Ellen home to rest early so as to discuss the wedding the following morning.

On their journey back, Jared and Ellen checked the calendar together for the best wedding date. Ultimately, they settled on the 18th of February as it would give them a whole good month to prepare.

Anastasia was still beside herself with fury as the night grew late. She thought the Aguirres were terrible. They had even donated 700 thousand so that the girl could enter and stay in her dream college.

Of course, Anastasia was more than happy to go all out for them. But now that hearing the Aguirres used everything on their own daughter but neglected Ellen, Anastasia was outraged.

Why can’t Ellen also enjoy the same privilege?! All they had to do was ask. We will certainly see that Ellen gets to study abroad even if she wants to attend the world’s best college.

“This is absolutely infuriating!” Anastasia grumbled before going to bed, still unable to come to terms with Ellen’s misfortune.

At that, Elliot pulled her to him to comfort her. “We’re partly responsible as well. It’s our fault for not looking into the situation. What we can do now is to make it up to her.”

“You’re right. I’m spoiling this daughter-in-law no matter what,” vowed Anastasia. Elliot had always known just what his dear wife was like. Hence, he would only ever support her every decision.

The following morning, Anastasia took Willow to a wedding service agency while Jared brought Ellen over. For the venue, the young couple agreed on having it on the island where Anastasia and Elliot got married.

It was a pretty large island with two airports. Hence, it was perfect for accommodating guests who’d be flying over from all over the world. Plus, it was very private. Jared didn’t want to give Ellen a grand wedding so that people would comment on it, but he only wanted to give her the best of everything.

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