My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1850

Ellen woke up naturally at 4.30PM, but she was still startled when she opened her eyes. Shoot, what time is it?! Just as she was frantically getting out of bed, the man on the couch reassured her gently. “Take it easy. It’s still early.”

Seeing that Jared had returned, she heaved a sigh of relief. “What time is it? Have I overslept?”

“Four-thirty. The dinner reservation my parents got is at six. We have plenty of time,” said Jared as he sat next to her and draped her jacket over her shoulder. It was already winter, and it felt a little chilly when she had just woken up.

At the thought that she was going to meet his parents, and that she was the only one remaining in her family, Ellen couldn’t help. feeling sad.

“From now on, you’re a Presgrave too. We will be your loving family,” Jared comforted her. He immediately knew what was running through her head when he saw the bitterness in her eyes.

With that, the sliver of bitterness in Ellen’s heart. was driven away. “Okay!” She nodded while leaning in his arms. ‘And I will be your dutiful wife.”

At 5.00PM, the Presgraves headed to the restaurant. They had come in advance to wait for Jared and Ellen’s arrival. Meanwhile, in New Town, Jared and Ellen had also departed under the bodyguards’ escort.

Back in the restaurant’s private room, Elliot and Willow were discussing her future, and he enjoined her about thinking twice when she wanted to go anywhere dangerous. As she interacted with antiques, Elliot worried that his precious baby girl would get curious and follow others into a graveyard. That was very, very alarming.

“Relax, Dad. I wasn’t born yesterday,” Willow said to her father. However, to Elliot, Willow was a child no matter how old she became, and he wouldn’t feel. assured unless he enjoined her anything three times.

After all, he personally raised this little one up. No way was he going to let anyone take advantage of her. However, at the thought that he would eventually have to marry a man, he didn’t feel too happy about it.

“When has your father ever seen you as a big girl?” Anastasia teased. Willow felt loved. Growing up, she did love to hide behind her father whenever she made a mistake or got into trouble, as he would take care of it every time.

Hence, she knew her father would forever be her strongest support, and it also made her fearless. The more Elliot spoiled her, the more daring she became.

Just then, Jared led Ellen through the door, and the Presgrave couple looked with gentle gazes in their direction at once. Anastasia stood up and greeted Ellen even more so. “Hi, Ellen. I’m Jared’s mother.”

The young woman was awestruck, for she thought it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assume her future mother-in-law was only a few years older than herself. She looks so young! And she’s absolutely stunning!

“Ellen! Just then, a sweet, crisp voice rang out beside her, and she found a gorgeous girl greeting her. Though abashed, she still looked up at Anastasia and greeted, “Hello, Mrs. Presgrave.”

A chuckle escaped Anastasia as she extended her hand out for a handshake. “Just call me ‘Mom’ like Jared does, Ellen. From now on, you’re my other daughter.”

Anastasia’s words truly touched Ellen, and she couldn’t help but well up with emotional tears. “Mom!” she said with a quivering voice; it had been far too long since she had addressed anyone with the word.

“Yes, dear?” Anastasia replied with a smile. Meanwhile, Willow handed Ellen a paper napkin and said, “Hi, Ellen, I’m Willow.”

“Hi, Willow.” Ellen was immediately in love with her future sister-in-law as well, and as she looked up, she found that her future father-in- law had gotten up from his seat as well. That said, her heart skipped a beat, for it was her first time meeting someone so intimidating.

Elliot had likely caught the young woman’s evasive gaze as he smiled warmly and said, “I’m, your father-in-law. Welcome to the family. From now on, I’m your father.”

At that, Ellen raised her head, and her eyes welled up with moving tears once more. The nervousness she had vanished, too, as she called out timidly, “Hello, Dad.”

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