My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1849

Willow hugged her mother and smiled sweetly. “Mom, did you know my future sister-in-law is the sister of the guy who donated his heart to Jared?!” Willow couldn’t help asking as she didn’t hear Anastasia bring the topic up the entire journey.

On the other hand, Anastasia was stunned by the revelation. “What? Really?!” “Yeah!” Willow affirmed. “Jared told me on the road. I thought he would’ve told you guys!”

At that, Anastasia pondered for a quick second. Knowing Jared, he would certainly bring it up.

As for why he didn’t, it wasn’t that he had. forgotten but that he wanted to introduce Ellen solemnly when they officially met. It was an intentional move. That said, Anastasia was pleasantly surprised that Jared’s beloved was the donor’s sister. Though 18 years had passed since the car accident, Anastasia’s heart constricted every time she was reminded of the incident.

Hence, the Presgraves had always been grateful to the family. Even when so many years had passed, they would help the family out whenever the latter needed it. But who’d have thought Jared one-upped them and gave himself to the family?!

“She’s our family’s savior and also a future member of our family.” Anastasia had already. acknowledged Ellen even though she had yet to meet the young woman. What the Reisses did for them was something they could never repay.

“Yeah!” Willow was on cloud nine, too. We’ll be having a new addition to the family! No, wait. Two additions! Nearly forgot my unborn nephew. Oops!

Following that, Anastasia brought the fact up with Elliot, and the man, too, was lost for words. He wasn’t sure why Jared would hide this from them, but he knew there must be a good reason.

“Do you want to take a nap? You barely slept the entire journey,” Elliot suggested lovingly. Anastasia was indeed feeling a little tired. At that, she checked the time to find it was only 2:30PM, a few hours away from their dinner booking. She could take a nap..

“Nap with me, then,” Anastasia asked her dear husband; she could fall asleep faster with him around. As such, Elliot followed Anastasia back to their room.

As Willow had always studied abroad, she spent little time within the country. That said, she made many friends. When she came out to the yard, she bumped into a bodyguard opening the trunk for a large Doberman to dash out.

However, it appeared very alarmed as this was unfamiliar ground to it. “Duke,” Willow called out with a beam, and the canine immediately ran to her and circled her happily. Meanwhile, Willow cupped its head and petted him affectionately.

Duke was a member of the family. As it had been six years since the Doberman came into their lives, it had long become a part of the. family and played an important role in their lives. “Do you miss me?”

“Woof!” ‘This is our home,” Willow introduced. “I’ll find you a spot for your bed, but don’t run around, okay?” Duke gazed at Willow as though it understood. her, then ran happily for a few circles before following Willow into the house..

Jared, on the other hand, had returned to Ellen, who was taking a nap in the master bedroom right then; she was honestly really lethargic. Meanwhile, Jared tiptoed to her side and watched her sleep. He didn’t have the heart to wake her up, and there was still plenty of time.

No rush. Let her have a good nap. One reason Jared didn’t tell his parents about Ellen’s identity was due to the complicated arrangements. Plus, she never received a sliver of his family’s kindness and was instead bullied and neglected by the Aguirres. Hence, even if his parents were grateful for Ellen, she never received warmth in her life in the past. At the end of the day, he decided to find a good time to bring this up with his parents after they returned.

Now, the Presgraves weren’t only grateful for Ellen because of her brother’s generosity and because she was willing to give them a progeny.

In actuality, Jared didn’t want her to suffer such torment, but Ellen was anticipating the growth and arrival of their little one every day now, even though she started off rather lost and overwhelmed.

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