My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1737

“Mom, remember to keep an eye on Dad’s money. I’m worried that he might spend it on some other woman.”

“Is he keeping a woman?” Olivia asked, but Selena did not want to divulge. At that moment, she needed her family to unite and get the money from the Presgraves. Instead, she said. to Olivia, ‘Oh, I’m just saying. You shouldn’t overthink. Why don’t you and Dad work on getting the money from Young Master Jared?”

“I’ll tell him about it at home tonight.” Olivia put aside their couple arguments, for she needed to urge Connor to milk Jared Presgrave.

Meanwhile, Connor was having a good time with Aida. After she pacified him, he finally calmed down. He looked at the young son by his side. I am fifty years old, and my son is only six. The huge age gap worried him. The son was the hope of the Aguirre Family, and Connor vowed to be with the kid until he was all grown up. Because of that, he needed to figure out how to get money.

Aida knew his situation well. She also understood that Connor was an unambitious. man who usually got all his money from a wealthy family. Although she did not know what favor Connor had performed for the said family, she believed that he could ask for more, considering that the family had offered him a handsome 15 million before.

“Connor, let’s not fret over money. You can get more money by asking, right?” Aida badly wanted him to get another huge sum of wealth and give her a piece of the pie. Over the years, she was too comfortable living a life leeching off his money.

Connor had the same thought as well. Given the huge gratitude the Presgraves had shown him, he believed that they would give in to any of his demands even if he went back and asked for more. I’ll just tell them it’s living expenses.

“Okay! I will ask them one more time!” He decided to give it his all for the sake of his son. Hearing that, Aida happily wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Awesome! You’re going to get a lot of money! Don’t forget to share some of it with me!”

He patted her comfortingly. “Of course, I won’t.”

However, he forgot that he should have shared part of the money with someone else-Kevin’s closest sister, Ellen. It did not cross his mind at all.

With a cat as company, Ellen’s life was not as boring as before. The cuteness of the pet melted her heart, and she loved to hold it in her arms.

She recalled how Jared had referred to them as the “Mommy” and “Daddy” of the cat, a thought that made her blush again.

She played with the cat until evening and felt a little tired. Before she knew it, she had fallen. asleep on the couch. As she had been busy playing with the cat, she did not notice that her phone was out of battery. She fell into a deep sleep as her phone shut off.

At 6.30PM, Jared left his office and immediately thought of having dinner with Ellen. He called her number, but all he heard was a mechanical female voice. “Sorry, the number you are trying to call is not reachable.”

He was taken aback and instantly sensed a bad omen. Why is her phone turned off? Did something happen to her?

His handsome features were clouded with worry, and he became more irritated as time went on. He made a few calls to her, but her phone remained switched off.

“What happened to her? Did she go out? Or is she abducted?” He got in his car and stepped on the accelerator, speeding in the direction of her neighborhood.

The thought of perverts targeting a lovely girl, who was all alone, worried him to no end. What if she’s abducted?

He sprinted into dusk in his expensive and cool sports car, forming a breath-taking view of the street. Anyone looking at the car might wonder who the car owner was anxious to meet.

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