My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1736

Olivia hurried out of the kitchen with a pale face as she fumed, “Did you lose the 700 thousand?”

Connor was not an expert in investment after all. He slumped on the couch, shaking from. head to toe, and refused to listen to any explanation from the caller.

“Didn’t I tell you to save your money? Why did you have to invest? Look at what we have left now? We’re going to sleep on the streets,” she reprimanded him.

“Shut up.” His male ego hurt, and he bellowed at her. Olivia’s mind went blank, and she yelled back at him, “How dare you raise your voice at me?”

In the next instant, Connor grabbed his car keys and left the house. Still puffing from anger, Olivia grabbed her jewelry, including the huge diamond ring, in an attempt to sell them off.

She arrived at the consignment store and waited for the employee’s valuation. The employee merely smiled and returned the ring to her upon first glance. ‘Madam, we do not accept high-grade counterfeit items.”

“What? What do you mean? This is a genuine diamond ring, Olivia fired back, looking down at the employee whom she assumed to be ignorant.

“A high-carat diamond ring will come with international certification. Yours is a common Moissanite diamond ring, which isn’t worth much.”

“How much is the market price?”

“You can get it for around 1,000 to 3,000 on the market.”

Olivia’s face turned red in shame and humiliation. She had never thought that his husband would deceive her with a counterfeit item. His profession of love turned into a joke.

She left the store in low spirits. Feeling uncontrollably angry and increasingly spiteful of her husband, who failed in his investments and lied to her about the diamond ring, she dialed his number.

“Hello?” Connor picked up the call, feeling upset.

“You b*stard! You got me a fake diamond ring for my birthday! And you had the guts to tell me that it’s worth 75 thousand! You immoral jerk!” she scolded him harshly.

At that moment, Connor was not in the mood to engage with her, and he promptly hung up on her. She almost had a heart attack out of anger.

Meanwhile, Connor had thrown himself into the arms of his mistress. Aida was gentler and caring than Olivia. Whenever he was in a bad mood, he would get solace from Aida, and he had just gifted her a real diamond ring worth 15,000 last week.

An incensed Olivia called up Selena to tell her about Connor’s failed investment.

“Mom, what did you say? All of the 750 thousand go down the drain?” Selena was angry as well. It’d be better if Connor could give her the money! She asked, “Mom, do we have any money left?”

“What do we have left? That’s the only liquid asset we have right now! Even our house is mortgaged! Your dad also took out a car loan. We almost spent all the 15 million we have over the years. I wonder where all the money went.”

On the other hand, Selena was privy to the whereabouts of the lost money. She knew that her dad definitely spent a lot on his mistress and their son. He must have spent a significant amount on that son over the years as well.

“Mom, what do we do? Are we going bankrupt? Are we in poverty now?”

Olivia comforted her, “Don’t worry! If we run out of money, we can ask for help from the Presgraves. If your dad is willing to put aside his ego and ask for help from Young Master Jared, he will get a huge sum of money.” Olivia was fantasizing about the perfect outcome.

Hearing that, Selena was pleasantly surprised “You think? Mom, how much can we ask from the Presgraves?”

“It depends on how thick-skinned your dad is. I think we can at least get another 15 million from them!” Olivia claimed confidently, thinking that the Presgraves were a billionaire family. Jared wouldn’t be alive without us. It shouldn’t be too much to demand up to 30 million as a reward.

“Mom, that’s great! We won’t run out of money then.” Selena’s worries were gone in a second as she daydreamed about the amount she could receive after Connor asked for an extra 15 million from the Presgraves.

“Also, the diamond ring your dad gave me is fake! Gosh, not only has he used up the money, but he also lied to me,” Olivia grumbled to her daughter.

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