My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1735

Ellen shook her head and insisted, “I don’t need rest. I can do this.” Jared disagreed, “If your brother knew that you are tiring yourself with that injury, he’d feel bad. Take a seat and let me do it.” He sounded authoritative in his last sentence.

Dazed, she stood aside and pressed against her bleeding finger as she watched him work on the weeds. Although he had never done anything similar since a young age, he wrapped up the chore perfectly. Soon, the grave was clear of weeds.

The bleeding on Ellen’s fingers had stopped. She placed the bouquet in front of Kevin’s headstone and took out a wooden box. She lit up some candles and lay out the decorations in front of the headstone.

Jared was looking at her when he felt a dull pain in his chest. He reached out and pressed against it lightly-the pitiful sight of Ellen made. his heart ache.

Thanks to Jared’s company, Ellen did not spend too much time cleaning the grave. After the visit, she went down the hill with Jared. At the foot of the hill, he grabbed a first-aid kit from the SUV trunk and disinfected her wound again.

To ease things for her, he lifted her and seated her in the trunk. She sat there and received his help with the dressing. The bodyguards in the vans nearby did not come down to disturb Jared, as no one wanted to ruin the perfect atmosphere.

When Jared was done bandaging Ellen’s wounds, he brought her downtown where they had lunch. After that, they went to a pet store. He had decided to buy her a cat as a companion after sensing her loneliness on that day.

Ellen had always wanted a cat since she was a child, but she could not raise one because of her living arrangement. Now that she had the time and space for a cat, she would love to have one.

Jared allowed her to pick her pet, and she selected a Ragdoll. To her surprise, she learned that the tiny cat was priced at 9 thousand dollars. Holding the cat, she was dumbfounded at the price, but Jared paid for it without hesitation. Not only that, he bought all the accessories and food for the cat.

Ellen went home with her new pet that day, and Jared followed along to help. The presence of the cat was healing for her, and she could not let go of it when she reached home.

A childlike Ellen had been giving all her attention to the pet, causing a certain someone to feel neglected and upset. When the cat ran up to Jared, he scooped it into his arms and successfully got Ellen to come into his embrace.

He caressed the back of her head, and his hand traveled down to her waist. She was too focused on playing with the cat and did not notice his advances. He gulped and kissed her on the cheek, making her blush.

Smiling, he muttered, ‘Are you picking the cat over your boyfriend now?”

She realized that she had neglected him, for she did not even offer him a glass of water after he arrived. She smiled at him and said, “I’ll get you some water.”

“Iced water,” he clarified. Without iced water, it would be hard for him to put out the fire that was burning in him.

She grabbed a bottle of iced water from the ice box. At that moment, the cat started meowing for help from Jared’s arms, seemingly out of fear. She put down the bottle and went over to “save” her cat.

Dressed in a black suit, Jared looked imposing despite his young age. It was not surprising that even pets would be scared of the vibe that emanated from him.

“Alright now. Take good care of your cat. I’ll need to drop by the office.” He stood up with the bottled water in hand. She sent him to the entrance with the cat in her arms. There, he suddenly rubbed the cat’s head and said, “Okay now. Daddy’s leaving! Have fun with your mommy!”

Ellen’s face turned as red as a tomato at the suggestive titles. He was pleased to see her shy expression and left her place with a satisfied smile on his face.

Connor received a call when he was at home. He was informed that the project he invested 700 hundred thousand into had suffered great losses, and it was impossible to recoup his money. Those were the only liquid assets he owned.

“What? Did all my money go down the drain?” He almost had a heart attack from anger after hearing the news.

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