My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1732

“We’re going up the mountain later, Jared revealed. “What? We will be hiking at night?” Ellen inquired, her eyelids fluttering “We can drive up, but we will be on top of the mountain. Will you be afraid?”

Ellen looked at him and shook her head. “As long as I’m with you, I won’t be afraid of anything.” That was the truth. Ever since she knew Jared, he had always provided her with protection and a strong sense of security.

When they came out after the dinner, Jared realized that his bodyguard had swapped their earlier ride for an SUV. Ellen then rode shotgun and they set off.

The entire trip seemed exciting and romantic at the same time. Ellen followed him to the foot of a mountain. Jared’s bodyguards were in the car ahead of them exploring the road, and Jared. drove straight up the mountain with four other cars.

Ellen’s heart skipped a beat several times during the journey as the dark, bottomless cliff was right beside them. However, Jared’s driving abilities were good, which Ellen truly found captivating as her heart raced for him.

After numerous bends in the mountain road, all of their vehicles arrived at a flat, empty spot at the top. Ellen’s legs wobbled as she stepped out of the car, and she quickly held on to the car door as she feared Jared would notice her timid demeanor.

But she was soon fascinated by the stunning night scene in front of her that she couldn’t take her eyes off it. The city below was stunning, lit up with gold and neon lights.

Hearing some movements, she turned around and saw Jared’s bodyguards setting something up. She quickly realized what it was-a telescope.

Ellen then immediately raised her gaze to the sky. The moon was beautiful tonight and many stars shone brightly. The weather was ideal for stargazing.

She began to look forward to the activity. tonight. She had no idea that in addition to taking her to see the night scenery, Jared had also brought a telescope.

Jared pointed to the telescope and asked, “Have you ever used this?”

Ellen shook her head in response. “No.” “I’ll teach you how to use it later.” “Sure!” Ellen said with a smile. The strong night breeze blew her long hair into a tangle.

Seeing that, Jared reached out his hand to tidy her hair. Ellen then opened her bag, found a hair tie, and casually tied her hair with it.

With her hair tied in the back, she appeared casual and youthful. The moonlight shone on her clear and smooth face, enhancing her beauty, which had a mysterious and classical tinge to it.

“Young Master Jared, everything is in place,” the bodyguard said.

Jared then took Ellen by the hand and led her to the telescope. He bent down first to look through the telescope, then asked Ellen to do so.

Ellen was astounded by what she saw through the telescope. The distant and mysterious moon appeared right in front of her and she could clearly see the craters on it.

Jared, who was standing right next to her, also used his iPad to view the moon while introducing the craters’ names to Ellen, which she found interesting.

The telescope could automatically detect stars and planets. Soon, Ellen even saw Mars, Uranus, and Neptune. Admiring the celestial bodies truly made her feel that all her frustrations and worries as a human were insignificant.

Her mind relaxed as she began to fall in love with this activity. Before long, she got carried away while gazing at the sky.

Seeing that she was so interested, Jared patiently accompanied her while teaching her astronomy. The bodyguards then handed them bottles of water. Ellen took a bottle and drank a few sips before Jared finished it.

The bodyguards standing beside them suddenly realized why Jared had only taken one bottle out of the two that were handed to him. The water from the bottle that Ellen drank seemed to taste better!

On the other hand, Ellen did not notice such minor details. She was preoccupied with looking at the celestial bodies on the iPad, occasionally bending over to look through the telescope.

The time soon reached 11.30PM. The fleet of cars then descended the mountain and Jared personally sent Ellen back to her house, right to her doorstep.

“It was a fun night. Thank you.’ Ellen was clearly in a much better mood. In a low voice, Jared murmured, “Can I request a different way for you to show your gratitude?”

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