My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1731

“Yes, and I’ve just got back from there! I went to teach Ellen a lesson for causing your dismissal.” Olivia did not think that she was in the wrong. To her, she was merely seeking justice for her daughter.

“This has caused quite a stir in the office, Mom. Everyone is talking about it!” “Great! It’s entirely my intention to smear Ellen’s reputation.”

“I heard that President Presgrave even appeared in the end. Did he do anything to you, Mom?”/ “What can he do to me? This Young Master

Jared would have died more than ten years ago if we hadn’t signed the papers back then! That jerk is so ungrateful.” Olivia was still enraged by what Jared had done.

“Mom, don’t ever let Ellen know what happened to Kevin back then. I’m concerned that she’ll demand compensation from you,” Selena reminded Olivia.

That made Olivia’s heart palpitate for at moment. Recalling that she had not mentioned it today, she quickly said, ‘Don’t worry. She’ll never find out. Her brother has been buried for a long time.”

“That’s good. I’m only worried about this. By the way, what has Dad been up to lately? Keep at close eye on him. Aren’t you concerned that he has a mistress outside since he isn’t at home every day?”

Olivia merely let out a sneer at that. “He wouldn’t dare. If he really did so, I’ll kill him.”

Selena was at a loss for words. Olivia had been a strong and obstinate woman her entire life, but she couldn’t stop Connor from having a mistress, and even an illegitimate child, outside their family.

“No matter what, Mom, keep an eye on Dad. I noticed he has two mobile phones.” Selena hoped Olivia would discover the truth on her own for Connor to return to the family and cut all ties with his mistress outside.

“Is he carrying two phones? I had no idea about that!” Olivia was completely in the dark. “Yes. I previously saw it by chance,” Selena responded. “Okay, I’ll keep an eye on him. Where are you?”

“I will be staying at a friend’s place for a few days.” Selena didn’t want to go home as she recalled that Connor no longer cared about her and that returning home would only make her feel annoyed.

Time flew by and it was 5.00PM. Nobody from the Presgrave Group dared to bring up Ellen’s matter again. The instructions from the president’s office were indeed deterrent enough to keep everyone quiet.

Jared came out from the meeting earlier and quickly walked back to his office. When he entered his office, he noticed Ellen sleeping on the couch. Seeing that, he quickly slowed down his steps to prevent Stanley, who was behind him, from entering.

He then shut the door while unbuttoning his suit before removing it and draping it over her. He smiled as he looked at the woman curled up on the couch.

While waiting for Ellen to wake up, Jared remained in the office, carrying on with his work. It wasn’t until the sky darkened that Ellen finally awoke and realized she was still in Jared’s office.

She quickly sat up in surprise and the suit that was covering her slipped down, startling her. “Are you awake?” A man’s voice suddenly rang out.

Her face flushed instantly. Sh*t! Why did I doze off in his office and even use his suit as a blanket?

“What’s the time now?” Ellen asked in embarrassment. “7.00PM.”

“I’m sorry. I accidentally fell asleep,’ she said with an apologetic expression, feeling guilty for delaying Jared’s dinner.

“I’ll punish you by having a meal with me, then, Jared announced as he stood up. After taking his car keys from the table, he told Ellen, “It’s a good thing you slept. You’ll be energetic enough to accompany me somewhere tonight.”

Ellen couldn’t help herself and she asked, “Where are we going?” However, Jared wanted to keep it a secret. “You’ll know later.”

With that, she didn’t pursue it further and simply followed him to the underground parking garage to collect his car. Then, both of them went to a private restaurant that Jared frequently visited.

The dinner was sumptuous and since Ellen had taken a rest, her appetite was good. When Jared saw her eat happily, his appetite grew as well.

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