My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1730

Stanley immediately called the Manager of the Human Resource Department and conveyed. Jared’s instructions that whoever dared to mention this incident or humiliate Ellen because of it would be fired, regardless of his or her position in the company.

The Human Resource Department immediately sent an email to all employees with such instructions regarding Ellen’s incident. As a result, everyone who was actively discussing Ellen immediately shut up and stopped commenting.

Those who initiated discussions were also terrified and fearful of losing their jobs because of this. Hence, they quickly posted more posts on other topics in the group, hoping that their initial posts about Ellen would be drowned out by the other posts.

Meanwhile, Jared took Ellen back to his office. She appeared dazed as this incident had been a huge blow to her. Now that the entire company was talking about her, she felt overwhelmed with stress.

“President Presgrave, I would like to resign,” she said, raising her head to look at the man in front of her.

As if anticipating such words from her, he declined immediately by saying, “I won’t agree to it.”

However, Ellen pursed her red lips and insisted, “I want to resign.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this under control. Nobody in the company will be gossiping about you. Don’t be stressed over it,” Jared comforted her. He was also furious and annoyed by the fact that she had such relatives.

They not only did not love and care for Ellen when she was alone, but they also bullied her. Despite being an outsider, Jared was the one who felt sorry for her and wanted to protect her.

Ellen was the first person who awoke in him a strong desire to protect someone. Presently, Ellen appeared to be absent-minded as she hung her head low as if she was thinking of something.

But Jared was not going to accept her resignation. If she stayed with the company, at least he would be able to see her every day and know how she was doing. He wouldn’t know what kind of life she was living if she resigned, and he wouldn’t be able to protect her if she was bullied as well.

Jared opened his mouth and murmured, “Don’t even think about resigning. Just do your job well.” This moved Ellen. “Thank you for everything today. I might be in worse shape without you.”

“Ellen, I think you should cut off all contact with that family. If you don’t have any other family, I can be one. You can take me as your elder brother, Jared said, his gaze fixed firmly on her.

Ellen blinked her eyes repeatedly at that. Elder brother? I do have an older brother of the same age as Jared, but he was gone too soon.

“I am not fortunate enough to have an elder brother like you!” Ellen’s mood improved and she smiled.

Jared’s gaze darkened. Truth was, the last thing he wanted was to be her brother. He had previously asked her to be his girlfriend, but she did not take his words seriously and remained very respectful to him.

“Can I have the day off tomorrow?” Ellen suddenly asked. “Do you need a rest?”

“Yes, I would like to get some rest,” Ellen answered. She didn’t tell him that tomorrow was her brother’s death anniversary and that she was going to pay her respects to him.

At this point, Stanley knocked on the door and entered. “President Presgrave, the meeting is starting,” he announced.

Jared then looked at his watch and said to the woman sitting on the couch, “Take a rest in my office for the time being. Call me if there’s anything, but don’t leave the company just yet.”

“Okay,” Ellen obediently nodded and replied. After Jared had gone, she stood up and went to the floor-to-ceiling windows and gazed out.

Meanwhile, Olivia had returned to her housing area with the men she had hired and had begun paying them. Although she accomplished her goal, she was enraged by Jared’s appearance. Without him, she would have given Ellen a tight slap to show that she was no pushover.

After she sent the men off, her phone rang. It was a call from her daughter.

“Hello, Lena.” “Mom, did you go to my company to put up a banner and scold Ellen?” Selena asked in surprise. She had clearly just learned about this matter.

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