My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1729

“Not only do I want all of your company’s employees to know about this, but I’m also going to look for influencers to post this matter and cause a stir on the Internet. Let’s see who will marry you in the future!” Olivia smugly said.

Ellen, who had been holding back her rage earlier, couldn’t take it any longer. She walked to the woman who was holding the banner and attempted to snatch it from her. However, Olivia saw what Ellen was about to do and she quickly went closer to push her away. “Don’t you dare touch my banner, Ellen!”

“Why can’t I?” There was no hint of fear in Ellen’s gaze as she dashed over to grab the banner and begin pulling at it.

Olivia was furious at that point. She grabbed Ellen’s hair and raised her palm, ready to slap Ellen hard. But at this precise moment, a ferocious roar rang out. “Let her go!”

Olivia’s hand was in mid-air when she was shocked by the voice. She raised her head to see whose voice it was and when she saw the person in front of her, she was so terrified that she immediately put her hand down and let go of Ellen’s hair.

Ellen only felt pain in her scalp and took a few steps back when her hair was released. Suddenly, she found herself leaning on a sturdy chest.

She didn’t even have to turn her head to figure out who the person was. “Stanley, take down the banner and chase these people away!” Jared yelled angrily.

This was the first time Olivia met Jared in the flesh after seeing his photos. Only now did she realize Kevin’s heart had been used to save a handsome young man.

But she found it detestable that Jared was protecting Ellen, just like Kevin.

“You’re Young Master Jared, right? I am Selena’s mother and all I want is justice for my daughter. Please bear with me if I have offended you in any way,” Olivia quickly said.

As he looked at this shrewd woman, Jared said coldly, “I was the one who dismissed your daughter. Ellen has nothing to do with this. Do you want to settle things with me, then?”

Olivia was shocked to hear him say that, so she asked, “What has my daughter done wrong?”

“Your daughter has a bad moral character and an evil heart. I don’t think she is qualified to work for my company. Is my answer satisfactory for you?” Jared asked with his voice icy cold..

Noticing that he was being disrespectful to her, Olivia let out a light cough and asked, “Young Master Jared, do you know who I am?”

However, Jared wasn’t bothered by it. “I don’t care who you are. Anyone who bullies Ellen should just get lost.”

Though he knew that the woman in front of him was the one who signed the papers and saved his life back then, the Presgrave Family had already repaid her greatly over the years. He would never allow Olivia to use her position as an elder to bully Ellen.

Ellen was trembling too. She didn’t understand why Jared was so protective of her and she often felt she wasn’t deserving of it.

Jared, however, only had his heart burning with rage over the injustice Ellen suffered.

“Get lost right now! Are you all expecting me to take you to the police station?” Stanley yelled as he took the banner and handed it to the security guards to be destroyed.

Seeing that she couldn’t do anything else, Olivia told Ellen, “You better remember this, Ellen Reiss-I’m not going to let you off the hook easily.” She then left with the men she had brought here.

Tears streamed down Ellen’s cheeks as she was overwhelmed by humiliation and helplessness at this point. She had no idea what she had done wrong to warrant such treatment.

When Jared saw her tears, he quickly tugged her over and drew her into his arms. “It’s all right now. Everything will be fine,’ he said while his hand caressed the back of her head.

This scene was streamed live to the company’s group and everyone saw how their president defended Ellen. All of the female employees were envious, wondering what magical power Ellen possessed to make their young president adore her so much.

“Tell the Human Resource Department to inform all employees that if I hear anyone mentioning Ellen’s matter, he or she will be fired immediately, Jared instructed Stanley. Then, he took Ellen’s hand in his and returned to the lobby.

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