My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1728

Ellen sighed as she waited in the descending elevator. Another group of people came in on the lower floor, discussing the same thing as the group before. However, nobody noticed her presence this time, and their words were harsh and indecent.

The more she listened to them, the more her eyes blurred with tears as she felt wronged and blamed for something she never did. She finally understood that these people saw her as nothing but a heinous creature.

At last, she arrived at the ground floor, so she stepped out of the elevator. The people around the reception desk noticed her leaving the elevator. “Look! That’s Ellen! Why is she here?”

“I bet she is confronting her relative.” “Let’s follow her, shall we?”

Meanwhile, Stanley, who sat next to Jared, was recording the meeting minutes in the meeting room. He heard notification sounds coming non-stop from the chatting application as new messages poured into the group chat. He couldn’t help his curiosity as he clicked on the tab to check on the new messages.

As he browsed through the new messages, he narrowed his eyes. At last, he came to the key point of the discussion, which stated that Ellen’s aunt had put up a banner outside the company. Below the message was the picture of Olivia.

After pondering for a moment, he turned the laptop’s screen toward Jared and whispered, “President Presgrave, look at this. Shall we deal with it?”

Jared read the messages Stanley showed to him with a scowl. Just then, new message attached with a picture popped out. The photograph showed that Ellen was near the entrance. Someone shouted, ‘Over here, everybody! The female lead has shown up and she’s about to run into her relative. If you’re into drama, don’t miss out!’

Jared immediately stood and gestured for Stanley. “Stanley, follow me.” This is preposterous! What does she think she is doing? Why can’t Ellen’s relatives stop even if it’s only for a moment?

Stanley immediately pushed his chair back and informed the others, “President Presgrave has to deal with a situation downstairs. All of you can take a break.”

Jared strode over to his private elevator before shooting a question at Stanley. “What happened?”

Stanley fell into step beside him and shared his theory. “It seems like Miss Reiss’ cousin got fired and the cousin’s mother blames it on Miss Reiss. Therefore, she raised a banner outside the company and is demanding justice for her daughter. I think practically everybody in the company knows about it at this point.”

“It was my order to fire Selena. How does Ellen have anything to do with it?” Jared’s delicate features were tinged with darkness.

“Miss Reiss is indeed innocent in this matter, but the employees have different opinions on your relationship. They accuse Miss Reiss of pulling a dirty trick on you to gain your favor.” Stanley revealed what he learned to Jared.

“That’s ridiculous.” Jared scoffed as he never expected to hear such rumors about Ellen. The moment the elevator doors opened, he strode inside and hurriedly pushed the button. that directed him to the ground floor..

Meanwhile, Ellen was standing near the stairs outside the company. The eye-catching banner was just in sight and the words over them made her blood boil.

The next moment, Olivia, who was busy taking photos, came into her view. Next to Olivia, someone reminded her, “Oli, isn’t that your niece over there?”

Olivia turned in the direction the person was pointing to and met Ellen’s gaze. The older woman sneered. “Look who finally decided to show up!”

Ellen took a deep breath before approaching Olivia. “Aunt Olivia, this is a public place. Can you please tone it down?”

The sight of Ellen’s business attire angered Olivia. “Ellen, you’re an ungrateful brat! How dare you do that to Lena when you get to stay in the company? Besides, I gave you a lot of her old clothes last time. Do you have any idea about their prices? I bet what you’re wearing right now used to belong to her.”

Ellen took another deep breath. “Aunt Olivia, if there’s anything, we can resolve it in private. You’re embarrassing me in public.”

However, Olivia had something different in mind. “You know what, Ellen? I’m indeed doing this on purpose, so you don’t have the face to stay in the company. If my daughter must leave, you will too!”

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