My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1727

“I knew it! Selena left a bad impression on me of how she treated Ellen, and I even felt bad for Ellen. Who would have known that Ellen was such a cunning woman? She seduced the president and manipulated him into dismissing Selena.”

“That’s right. I got deceived by her appearance. She looks just like an innocent girl but turned out to be the villain in the story.”

Even though the news spread among the employees, nobody dared confront Ellen about it. Meanwhile, Ellen was preparing for the written exam to earn her driving license in her office. She had zero ideas about what went viral among her colleagues.

It was only when she felt her eyes hurting and her brain overprocessing that she left her office. and headed to the washroom. Just as she closed the door of the cubicle, a conversation between two people reached her ears.

‘Have you seen the group message? Is it true about Ellen? Did she really manage to get President Presgrave to fire her cousin?”

“If it isn’t true, Selena’s mother wouldn’t make a fuss about it by asking the men to put the banner outside the company for that long. She must be very angry.”

“That’s unexpected of Ellen. Do you think she has done anything to make President Presgrave fall for her?”

“If not, President Presgrave wouldn’t have spared a glance at her in the first place. After all, there are other gorgeous women in the company, but none of them ever get a promotion as fast as she did. She’s the only person who gets promoted from a receptionist to the president’s assistant in a flash.”

“You’re right. I wonder what she had possibly done. I’ll try them on someone when I master them.” “Well, aren’t you a little ambitious?” One of the women concluded their conversation with laughter.

Little did they know, the subject of their discussion was now standing in the last cubicle, hearing every word they said.

Ellen was bewildered by the whole thing. Did they say Selena’s mother is holding a banner in front of the company? Aunt Olivia is here?

After the two women left the washroom, Ellen came out of the cubicle with a flushed face. The women had no respect for her at all and their words degraded her by calling her a vixen. However, she was confident that she never thought about seducing Jared for once since. their encounter.

Ellen headed toward the elevator lobby and got on one of them. The doors soon opened again on another level, and a discussion began as soon as a few people stepped inside.

“Can you believe it? It’s happening around us! How could Ellen treat her family like that just because she made it to the top? And that person is her cousin no less! I also heard that her cousin is an analyst. Do you have any idea how high the professional qualifications she must have to join the department?”

“I happened to hear that Ellen already made moves on President Presgrave when she was working as a receptionist. She never did her job, though. Instead, she kept making chance encounters with President Presgrave and seduced him.”

“I don’t understand. Why did President Presgrave even fall for her in the first place? There are many female employees in the company and all of them are prettier and better

than her.” “That’s right. I have a hard time believing it too. Besides, President Presgrave has bad taste in women.” “After all, President Presgrave is still young. A cunning girl like Ellen can easily wrap him around her fingers.”

“By the way, I don’t even know what the girl looks like.” “Here’s her picture. Have a look.”

The female employee showed the screen of her phone to the people around her. She happened to look behind her and she nearly let her phone slip at the sight of a certain person. Immediately covering her mouth, she watched the woman in the corner in disbelief. At the same time, the woman returned her gaze.

Even though the other woman’s expression was calm, the female employee was overwhelmed.

“I’m sorry, Miss Reiss. We didn’t mean to talk about you like that.” The female employee apologized to Ellen without hesitation. President Presgrave has her back. I can’t risk getting on her bad side. Who knows what will happen to me if she tells him about this?

In a split second, everyone in the elevator was looking in Ellen’s direction. Shameful expressions emerged on their faces as if they were a bunch of children who got caught making mistakes. All of them promptly hung their heads low. They were afraid if Ellen recognized them, she would complain to Jared and get them fired.

On the contrary, Ellen kept silent because she was also searching for the right words to say.

When the elevator doors opened again, the employees rushed out of the elevator without even making sure they had reached their destination. Soon, Ellen was standing in the elevator, utterly alone.

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