My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1726

“We’ll talk about this later.” Connor gave the woman a few perfunctory words before heading up to answer Olivia’s call. “Hello? What’s wrong, Oli?”

“Everything is wrong! Do you know the ungrateful Ellen just ruined Lena’s career? She asked Young Master Jared to fire Lena, so our daughter is unemployed at the moment.”

“What?” “Also, our dear niece just hung up on me just now. Ellen clearly has no respect for me. I shouldn’t have expected much from an orphan girl!” Olivia never held back when she was talking to her husband.

“Hey, watch your mouth, will you? My sister died early. She has nothing to do with it!” Connor protested.

“Why are you defending her? I’m pointing out the truth. Even more, I’ll ruin her career. I don’t understand what’s good in getting her a job in Presgrave Group.” Olivia blamed everything on him.

‘Fine. It’s all my fault.” Connor swallowed his pride and complied with her. “I’m heading to the Presgrave Group right now. She needs to pay the price for ruining my daughter.”

“Calm down, Oli. It’s something between the young ones. They can settle it between themselves. We shouldn’t meddle. Besides, Lena can always find another job.” Olivia scoffed and muttered, “No, she won’t get

away with it that easily. I’m making a banner to show everyone her true colors.” Then, she ended the call without waiting for his reply.

Connor sighed in frustration before returning to the sick room. His son had already woken up and was now seeking his company. Even though Connor planned to leave a moment ago, he changed his mind at the sight of his son.

Thus, he decided to let Olivia do what she wanted. For now, his son was his priority. After all, the boy was the heir of the Aguirre Family.

“Nath and I are fed up with living like your unspeakable secret, Connor. When will you divorce Olivia so we can live under the same roof with you?” The woman, Aida Reed, pushed him to make a decision.

At that, Connor tried to coax her. “There’s no need to rush. The time isn’t right yet. It’s best I do it when Nath grows up.” “You always tell me the same thing. He’s now six years old! When will the time ever be right for you?”

Connor took out a debit card and gave it to her. “There is one hundred and fifty thousand in this account. Use it to treat yourself and Nath to something better. I’ll bank in more later.”

Aida finally kept her mouth shut at the promise of money. Taking the card from him, she put it in her purse and let him off the hook. However, her goal was more than this money. She was well aware that Connor was richer than he showed. Aida knew she had to fight for the family’s fortune for her son’s sake.

Meanwhile, Olivia made a trip to an advertising agency downstairs and commissioned them to make a banner for her instantly.

Written on the banner was, ‘Ellen Reiss, a heartless and inhuman employee of the Presgrave Group, shamelessly seducing the president to destroy her cousin’s career’.

She also provided Ellen’s photo to be added to the banner. “Here’s her picture. Make it as clear as possible.”

A banner was finished before 2.30PM. After that, she hired a few people who specialized in. shady businesses to present the banner in front of the Presgrave Group. The group of six was sitting near the entrance while lifting the banner so the passersby could see it.

Olivia sat in a comer proudly as she watched the employees whispering to each other. I’m sure I have ruined Ellen’s reputation!

As expected, the news was spreading like a wildfire among the thirty thousand employees of the Presgrave Group. All of them were discussing it in their conversation while the same thing was spread among different group chats.

Not long after that, they found that Ellen’s cousin who worked for the company was Selena. Besides, Selena failed in her probation period and was forced to leave the company this morning.

Furthermore, Ellen was assigned a position in the main office recently. She got a promotion dubiously faster than most people, so people believed that she had seduced the president in exchange for a promotion.

Thus, the facts altogether cemented the fact that Ellen was the kind of person the banner made her to be.

“I can’t believe it. It’s a surprise to learn that Ellen has the influence to kick her cousin out of the company. I always thought Selena is being difficult, but it seems like I was wrong.

Ellen is indeed vengeful.” At the reception desk, the two receptionists, who always held a grudge against Ellen, discussed the matter with each other.

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