My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1725

After Selena stormed in and threw a fit at Ellen, the latter felt horrible and lost the mood to read. She covered her face with her hands as she rested her elbows on the table, hoping to escape from reality.

At that moment, a lean figure showed up outside the office. Noticing Ellen looked down, the man walked into her office without asking for permission.

She immediately raised her head when she heard footsteps echoing in the room. Standing in front of her was her boyfriend, who was also the company’s president, watching her with concern.

“You look upset. What’s wrong?” he asked. She had a question for him, and she didn’t hesitate to seek his answer. “Did you ask them to fire Selena?”

Jared saw no point in denying the truth, so he nodded. “That’s right. She gets on my nerves.”

She pressed her lips into a faint smile. So, it’s really him. It was a good thing, though. She didn’t have to see Selena anymore since the woman got fired. “Do you know my uncle?”

“I don’t.” Jared’s stomach churned at her question, but he shook his head. “But Selena told me that my uncle is close with your family.” Ellen pressed for answers. He watched her calmly. “Can we talk about this another time?”

Ellen blinked in bafflement. Is there something he can’t tell me? Even though she had many questions, she nodded and let it go for the moment.

“Are you free tonight? I want to show you a place.” He changed the topic. “Sure! Where are we going?” Ellen was eager to know.

“It’s a secret. You’ll see.” Jared cast her an inscrutable smile, refusing to reveal anything. After that, he began to admire Ellen, who was wearing a gray business suit. He almost lost himself in her captivating look.

To him, the girl could easily seduce him even if she was in her business attire. Meeting his unfathomable expression, she could feel her cheeks burning. “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just admiring you.” Giving her another smile, Jared decided not to bother her and left the office.

The moment he left, Ellen’s phone rang. She picked up her phone and saw the caller ID. Taking a deep breath, she mustered all the courage to answer it since it was Olivia calling her.

“Hello? Aunt Olivia?”

“Don’t ‘Aunt Olivia’ me! Look at what you did! What did Selena ever do to you? How could you manipulate your boss into dismissing her? She’s your cousin!” An angry Olivia scolded her from the other end of the line.

Before Ellen could explain, Olivia continued, “You brat! Take a look at yourself before pointing fingers at others. Is it because Selena has always been better than you since young? You must be blinded by jealousy to do that to her. What a wicked woman you are at this age! It seems like I need to teach you a lesson soon.”

“Aunt Olivia, my issues are none of your business and I don’t need your lessons or advice. Why don’t you save them for your daughter? I’m sure she needs that.” At that, Ellen hung up the call before she could hear a reply.

Soon, another call from Olivia came in, but Ellen didn’t want to pick up her phone. After all, she did nothing wrong, so she didn’t deserve Olivia’s accusation.

Meanwhile, Olivia was pacing back and forth around the house in frustration. How dare she talk that way to me and even have the audacity to hang up on me!

However, she was most upset by the fact that Ellen dared to be the cause of Selena’s unemployment. Working at the Presgrave Group was something worth bragging about, but Ellen just had to fire Selena.

It seems like having the so-called Young Master Jared back her up made her forget about her roots. If she’s trying to kick us away, she can try.

Olivia searched for Connor’s number in her phone and dialed it. At the same moment in a hospital, Connor was getting scolded by his mistress because he didn’t answer the phone last night, causing her to have to borrow money from others to pay her son’s hospital bill.

Fortunately, her son wasn’t harmed, and she only worried for nothing. “I have to take a call,” Connor informed the woman beside him.

“It’s Olivia, isn’t it? Why can’t you just tell her about our affair? What is so wrong about letting her know you have a son?” Connor’s mistress felt bad the whole time. After all, both she and Olivia were Connor’s women, but Olivia had the privilege to live in a manor while she had to compromise with a rental house.

All these years, Connor had been keeping at balance between his two families with extra caution. However, deep down in his heart, he feared facing Olivia’s wrath.

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