My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1724

Selena swore to get rid of the woman. She wouldn’t let anyone ruin her family or steal her father’s and her family’s fortune. “Mom, get some rest,” she urged her mother.

“I haven’t been this happy for ages.” Olivia was elated today as she felt the flame between her and her husband had been reignited. “Mom, do you think Dad is a good husband? Besides, do you think Dad will cheat on you, considering our family’s wealth?”

“He won’t dare. I’ll break his legs if he ever thinks about it.” Olivia’s immediate reply was offhand. Even though she wasn’t the most capable woman, she was capable of throwing a fit and flying into a rage.

The words made Selena’s stomach churn. She originally planned to be as tactful as possible to reveal her discovery to her mother. However, her mother tended to act tough in all kinds of situations. Her mother probably couldn’t take it if she told her the truth.

“Your father might not be good at anything, but I have had him wrapped around my finger since our first day as a married couple. Even if he thought about cheating on me, he wouldn’t do that for real,” Olivia answered proudly.

Selena’s pained look was a stark contrast to her mother’s confidence. Little did Olivia know her husband not only cheated on her but even had an illegitimate son with another woman.

“Enough. I’ll let you get some rest. I’ll check on your father since he drank too much tonight.” After that, Olivia left the room.

Selena bit her lip in resentment. Her blood was boiling when she thought of her father’s mistress. She planned to get rid of the woman and make the woman vanish on her own without disturbing her mother.

Besides, she would have to warn her father to cut ties with his mistress and b*stard child.

The next morning was another workday for Selena and she went to work by car. She had barely sat down when the assistant came over to deliver a message. “Selena, the manager wants to see you.”

Pushing her chair back in surprise, she headed to the manager’s office, wondering whether he was about to give her a pay raise or something.

“Selena, your one-month probation is over. We decided not to hire you since you didn’t meet the requirements.” The manager was frank.

Blood drained from Selena’s face as she rose to her feet in shock and argued, “Impossible! I haven’t made any mistakes at work. Why did I get fired?”

“Your male colleagues have been helping you in completing your job. Besides, your professional skills simply aren’t meeting our requirements. Go pack your things. You may leave at any time, the manager explained calmly.

Selena left the manager’s office in frustration, not happy with the outcome. The more she thought about it, the more she thought Ellen had something to do with her dismissal.

At last, she was convinced that Ellen was responsible for this matter. Ellen must have bad-mouthed her to Jared, or Ellen simply asked Jared to fire her.

Rushing out of the office, Selena stepped into the elevator and headed to another floor, where the main office was situated.

She had questions for Ellen, and she demanded answers Ellen arrived at her office in the early morning When she immersed herself in a book, someone threw open the door from outside without warning.

She looked in that direction to find Selena storming in and growling at her, “Ellen, do you have anything to do with my dismissal?”

Putting her hands on the table to help herself to her feet, Ellen returned the other woman’s hateful glare with fury in her eyes. “I don’t. On the other hand, I’d like to know what is in it for you to drive a wedge between me and Lambert?”

Selena sneered. “Oh yeah? Nice try, but I’m not buying it. You must have asked President Presgrave to fire me. After my father pulled a few strings to get you into the company, I can’t believe you dared to make me lose my job!”

“As I said before, I have nothing to do with it. You’re barking up the wrong tree.” A scowl appeared between Ellen’s brows.

“It must be nice to have people backing you up because you have the face to condescend to me like that. Ellen, the Presgrave Family owes my father a huge favor. If I make my father appeal to them, I can stay in the company as I please.” Selena couldn’t help but show off the history between the Presgrave Family and her father.

“How did your father help them?” Her words piqued Ellen’s curiosity.

Her question put Selena to pause as the other woman didn’t expect to slip up. Selena dismissed her question by changing the topic, “No matter what, it’s too early to celebrate victory. Even though I lost the job, I have a bright future.”

After that, Selena turned on her heel and left the office.

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