My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1723

Jared had become excited due to the shopping trip and besides, he discovered that buying her things made him several times happier.

“Come on! I only want to spend my money on you.” He led her towards the rows of shops owned by international brands. To him, buying the entire mall wouldn’t take much thought, much less buying her clothes, handbags, and the like.

After that, Ellen began adding her opinion during their purchases. She did not stop him from buying her anything, but she hoped that he wouldn’t go overboard. Without her stopping him, he would pick out those he didn’t like and get the whole rack of clothes.

It was 9.30PM before she eventually got home. The bodyguard carried the packages filled with her purchases into her home, and they occupied her entire couch. He left immediately afterward, refusing to interrupt his young master’s date with his paramour.

Ellen felt helpless yet thankful at the sight of all those packages. She couldn’t even stop him at the rate he was spending his money on her. Jared, on the other hand, was satisfied by what he had done. If she hadn’t dragged him home, he could have continued the shopping spree due to the constant feeling that he hadn’t bought her enough clothes.

She got up and asked, “Do you want some water?” “Yup!” He nodded, feeling somewhat thirsty after the trip.

She used her cup to fill some water for him, and he took it from her and drank from it without any hesitation. “I’ll get someone to fit in a safe in your home tomorrow. You should put some of the more valuable jewelry into it.”

“I think you should take them home first. I may lose sleep with them here,” Ellen suggested while looking troubled. Jared laughed out loud and asked her intently, “Really?”

“Maybe,” she replied honestly. He put down the cup and narrowed his eyes. “Why don’t I sleep here tonight?”

Ellen was taken aback and began to blush. Since he had bought her so much today, she would feel guilty if she refused him. This was probably how he found her weakness.

“I only have a guest room here and it would be far too uncomfortable for you. Just go home!” she pointed out..

Jared could see that she was too embarrassed to refuse him. He had bought all those things willingly for her. It was not to get any repayment.

“Alright, then! I’ll take the jewelry back and bring them here tomorrow when the safe has been built,” he murmured in a low voice.

Ellen nodded. She could keep the clothes and everything else, but the jewelry was far too expensive and would be safer in his home.

He stayed for a few moments more before she escorted him to the door. Then, he turned and looked at her quietly through the door before she bravely got on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. ‘Goodnight. Be careful when you’re driving.”

His lips curved upwards to form a satisfied. smile as he sensed the love that she bore toward him.

After sending him away, Ellen began to organize the new clothes, shoes, and handbags occupying her couch. They had bought far too much, and her closet was now extremely full.

Connor had a great time at his birthday party. that night as well. His wife Olivia had been publicly given a necklace as a present from him. It was already 10.00PM before the couple returned from the karaoke bar with their friends.

When Olivia took the necklace to her daughter’s room, Connor had already fallen asleep due to his drunken state. “Lena, why didn’t you come when we invited you for dinner? Olivia asked her daughter.

‘I wasn’t in the mood,” Selena answered. Seeing her mother’s happiness made her feel. sympathetic toward her mother while simultaneously hating her father.

‘What’s wrong? Look at this. Your father gave this to me today. Is it pretty? I heard it cost more than 500,000!”

Selena didn’t think that it cost that much, not to mention that the jewels embedded in it looked fake. However, she didn’t feel like revealing that as she knew that she wouldn’t end up well if her parents got divorced.

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