My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1722

Noticing Jared’s extraordinary outfit and discontinued watch which were all from famous brands, the attendant thought to herself, A big fish! As such, she quickly recommended, “We have many more beautiful pieces of jewelry in the VIP room. Shall I show them to you?”

Jared nodded at that. “Sure. Bring them here.”

As the attendant glanced in the direction of the manager, the manager immediately asked the attendant to take out pieces from the collection. More than 20 different styles were brought out in a short time. Under the light, each piece of jewelry was a work of art. Each of them was beautiful.

Ellen was having a visual feast as she stood off to one side. Normally, she would never have the opportunity to see so many rare necklaces, and it was even harder for her to see such a big and real gem.

“This, this, and this.” Jared pointed at three. different accessories. The manager immediately beamed. This customer fancies three pieces at a glance! However, Jared’s next words put a grin that stretched to both his ears.

“Other than the three I mentioned, wrap everything else up for me, Jared instructed authoritatively.

All the attendants in the store were stunned at that instant. Who is this rich man?! Why is he buying jewelry as if he is at a supermarket?!

Ellen had never seen such an impulsive buyer before as well, and she put a hand over her red lips to cover her shock. “Sir, would you like the other two you picked earlier?”

“Yes.” Jared nodded. “Understood! We will get you the bill right now.”

As six attendants worked together to count the total at the register, Jared held Ellen’s hand and walked over. He then opened his wallet which he took out from his pocket. Everyone could see how his wallet was filled with gold and black cards. He swiftly pulled one out and handed it over.

“Sir, that will be a total of 34.5 million,” the attendant happily chirped in a loud and clear voice. “I’ll pay by card.” Jared passed the attendant a card.

The attendant took it with excited hands and wasted no time in swiping the card. The receipt printer next to them immediately spat out a long receipt with the prices of expensive jewelry on it.

The attendant put Jared’s purchase in three bags for him. After Jared reached out to take them, he said to Ellen, “Let’s go!”

Ellen followed him out of the store. Jared then hooked a finger at the bodyguards not far away and immediately, two bodyguards trotted over to take the bags from him.

The attendants in the store were all swooning over Jared when they saw this. They were envious of the woman who stood beside that dreamboat of a customer. They could tell that he bought everything for her!

Even though she didn’t dress as someone from a wealthy family would, that pure aura of hers that hit them in the face belonged to a beauty with a superb temperament!

Seeing the bodyguards leaving with the bags, Ellen asked Jared curiously, “You bought a lot. Are they gifts for someone?” He gazed at her with starry eyes and replied naturally, “These are all for you.”

She pointed at herself in disbelief. “For me?” She felt a gush of blood rushing to her head the moment she heard his words. “Am I supposed to give them to some other woman?” he asked in return.

“But… This… I can’t accept them. I can’t accept such expensive jewelry.’ Ellen didn’t even. hesitate as she rejected him, her hands waving quickly.

Jared reached out to grab her fluttering hands. “You cannot refuse my gifts.”

“No, no, no! Mr. Presgrave, we can go back and return it now. If you want to give me a present, just one will do!” She anxiously held his arm, but he pulled her into a hug instead.

“Didn’t you agree to be my girlfriend? To be my girlfriend is to accept my gifts. Let’s go! I have to buy you clothes and bags. This is what I should do as your boyfriend.”

He had never dated before. In his understanding, he had to buy as many presents as he possibly could to keep his girlfriend happy.

Ellen bit her red lip. ‘But I didn’t tell you to buy me anything!” she whispered. ‘So, don’t do it!”

“Do I even need to wait for you to tell me something like this?” To him, he would fail as a boyfriend if he waited for her to tell him what she wanted.

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